Quotes Edit

"For a second there I through you acturally caused me pain...Pity"

"Please don't kill yourself, the nights still so young"

"I'm looking for a painter...have you seen one"

"Don't forsake your humanity"

"People have told me I'm sick, that I've got a disease. But I like the disease"

Personality Edit

Emrick - Emrick is rather calm and collected. He rarely ever lets out emotion and always speaks in a board tone. But when he is fighting he has been known to laugh uncontrollable and make crude remarks whenever he can.

Agramon - Agramon is kind to those who she sees as a friend. But sees Emrick as her only true friend and will do anything for him despite the fact that she's a Demon. When in battle though she is calm and usually only supplies Emrick with the powers rather than actually using them.

Story Edit

The nights calm winds chilled the skin of all those who walked the lit streets. The moon light steadying into the air as Emrick Contender walked it alone. His dull blue eyes like ice stared blankly into the night walking to his destination. His long dark grey coat dangled down past his knees whipping back with every step he took. A gas mask strapped to his face tightly and his jet black hair tied loosely back into a pony tail. 

He walked through the street with a single goal in mind. A single destination, and a single person.

The forests thick undergrowth caused Casey Singer pain as she walked through the woods barefooted. But it was nothing she hadn’t done before after another successful night.

“What a great hall today”, Casey swung her arms around like a young child. “What do you think Daniel”. She held up the severed head of one of her formal bullies from the 11th grade. Blood stained her hands as she swung the head back the though like a bag. She sat down by the base of a tree where the undergrowth cleared up. 

She stared at the head with her emerald green eyes. She stared for so long it seemed to stare back at her, like a doll with brown eyes like the rusted blade used to cleave his head off.

Casey’s mouth begun to open as her tongue slid out until it made contact with its skin and licked up the warm crimson liquid at the base of the neck. The red liquid tasted like tin foil, the metallic taste of the iron in his blood sent joy into her heart knowing she claimed another soul into her mind and helped the world by destroying her bullies and those who she considered a disease on society.

But. Casey felt a presence in the air as chills ran down her spine. She’d never felt like this after she killed her first victim. But something was staring at her with cruel eyes and worse intentions. She stood up and scanned the thick forest.

“Who’s there. I can feel your presence. Just come out and make it easier for us both”, Casey snickered as she pulled an old rusted hacksaw from her belt. 

“Well…Only if you insist. Casey Singer”, Emrick sighed as he stood up from the bushes and stepped forward towards Casey.

Casey laughed hysterically to the point of crying. 

“You must be kidding me…You approach me in the middle of the night. A Creepypasta and give up your element of surprise the moment I call out”.

Emrick stared blankly as she continued to laugh with the satanic grin in her cheeks.

“Incorrect”, Emrick challenged as she placed his hands behind him. “You’re not a Creepypasta. You were kicked out after you stabbed Nurse Ann 5 times after she tried to patch up your leg injury you got when you were pushed off a cliff. Your pain tolerance isn’t that great compared to the average human is it”.

Casey stepped back as her muscles tensed up and her spine turned melted away.

“How do you know that”, she asked as she grabbed her hacksaw with both her hands. She felt a illness in the air as if something resinated off of Emrick. His ice blue eyes pierced into her soul effortlessly while he reached into his coat.

“It’s my job to know about you. I know just about everything when it comes to every Creepypasta”, Emrick hinted before pulling out a long revolver with a wooden handle. “Now I believe its time to prey for mercy. Little Casey”.

Emrick pointed the revolver at Casey aiming dow the sights. Casey quickly jumped to the side as Emrick fired the first shot. She lunged at him bearing her hacksaw with both hands and swinging madly without aim or concern for herself. Emrick aimed at her again before pulling the trigger and sending a bullet into her right shoulder.

“You cunt”, Casey roared in pain as she swung her hacksaw into Emricks hand causing him to loose grip of the revolver. She grabbed it as it fell, aimed it at him and fired 3 shots into him.

The first bullet landing in his chest piercing a lungs and shattering multiple ribs. The second bullet handed in his neck rupturing his jugular sending rivers of blood flowing down his neck. The final bullet struck his forehead and went straight through his skull sending brain matter across the forest and hitting a tree painting it crimson. Emricks gas mask strap snapped and it fell to the ground as he fell lifeless before accumulating a pool of blood around him.

Casey stared at Emricks corpse with burning green eyes and blood stained clothes draped across her body that collected the blood of many victims through the years.

Her grinning face noticed the gun in her hand. She inspected the sharp flowing patterns that ran along the barrel and spiralled into the handle. The gun was old, almost over 200 years if she had to guess. 

“What a nice gun”. She placed it in her belt. “Don’t mind if I do”.

She turned to trees and wondered how the foolish man snuck up on her. She had been able to walk through the wood without leaving any trace of tracks or a pathway. Just how he had been able to find her was a mystery to her was something she puzzle.

Then the sound of a demonic laugh echoed through the woods from behind her. The sickening air emanated from Emricks corpse sent shivers down her spine as it twitched to life.

“Good job…But. You should always check for a pulse first”, Emrick laughed as he stood up. He leaned forward causing his loose hair to dangle in front of his eyes which had turned as black as a ravens feathers. Blood ran down his pale face and dripped from his chin. “Isn’t this funny. I’ve never been able to come back so fast before. Must be a side affect of me getting use to you”, Emrick seemed to talk to himself.

Casey stepped back in aw of the pale figure before her. 

“How…How is this possible. You can’t be alive. I shot you point fucking blank”

Emrick laughed while leaning back arching his back to the point it should have snapped his spine.

“Take I hint. Your the one who’s been around people like me before. So please guess”, Emrick cackled before throwing himself forward in long stride like steps.

Casey noticed something odd about him. He wasn’t the same man as before. He was different. His voice seemed to fade in and out of a psychotic laughter and his eyes faded black like a solar eclipse. A sickening grin pinned to his face with sharp jagged teeth piercing his lips and a fork tongue that poked out every time it had a chance to.

Casey instinctively reached for the gun, pulling it out and shooting Emrick in the head. Emrick flung back as blood sprayed from the wound in his forehead. He leaned forward and coughed out the bullet into his hand before tossing them aside.

“Shame…I actually caused me pain there for a second. Pity”

Casey fell to her knees and crawled back till she collided with a tree. She stared at Emricks black eyes as they emanated fear like a disease. The raised the gun again and aimed at Emricks stomach thinking she could cripple him. But an image appeared before her.

“Please don’t shoot me sis. I love you”, Casey’s little sister cried looking past the gun straight into her eyes. Tears streamed down Casey’s face as her hands shook until she dropped the gun to her side. 

Her brother faded mike mist and Emrick emerged from behind the smoke. 

“What a good sister you’ve got there. To bad you had to kill her. And you call yourself the one the needs help”, Emrick mocked.

Casey didn’t look up or try to acknowledge him.

“What do you want”

“I want you to tell me where I can find the Creepypasta mansion, and if you do. I’ll only cripple you”

“And…What if I don’t”

“Then I’ll just pry it out of you. Well…Your mind I mean”

Emricks eyes stared into Casey’s soul seeming to search through her head. Then images started to pop up in front of her like her memories coming to life.

She saw her abusive mother raising a wooden rolling pin above her head before bringing it down hard on her head. 

She saw her bullies snicker and laugh as they pinned her down and stripped her naked.

Casey clench her ears and scrapped at her face trying to stop the memories from surfacing. But it didn’t, the presence that echoed through her mind kept digging down into her memories trying to find something.

“Good good. Almost there…Just a couple more suppressed memories”, Emrick cackled as he leaned over her. 

Feeling the pain of her entire life wash over her over and over again, Casey grabbed the gun off the ground. Placed the cold barrel to her chin and fired killing her instantly.

Emricks grin faded into a disappointed frown as blood oozed from Casey’s mouth and onto her already blood soaked clothes.

“I’m not done with you yet”, Emrick growled as he held his hand over her corpse. Then thin silver thread seemed to fly out of her corpse and bundle in his hand knitting tightly into a silver ball. Then he opened his mouth and swallowed the ball in one gulp.

Casey suddenly appeared before him like a ghost.

“What…What have you done to me”, Casey snapped.

“I made myself your world anchor. So now you’re bonded to me. You can’t go to the afterlife until I die”

“…What do you want” Casey snickered.

“I told you. I want the location of the Creepypasta mansion. Give it to me and I’ll give you a good word when being judged on were you end up”, Emrick replied as he picked his gun off the ground and placed it in his coat.

Then a female voice called while shadows seem to leak out of Emricks body.

“Sorry if he’s being blunt about all this…He’s never really been a people person”, Agramon smiled as the horned shadowy figure materialised from mist in front of her. With raven black hair and pale almost white skin and a tight reg dress torn on every way possible.

“Sorry about this…To be frank can you just tell us so we can break this pact of ours”, Agramon smiled as she held out her clawed hand.

Casey turned away from the Demon and started blankly at Emrick.

“I don’t know the exact location of the mansion, but I know how to find it”, Casey snarled before thinking how to phrase it. “Firstly you need to find the Bloody Painter, he should be easy enough if you know were to look, When you find him all you need to do then is hang around enough until you see Judge Angel who likes to hang near him for whatever reason. Then when you find her, Nurse Ann shouldn’t be to far behind and when she peaks her ugly head out of the shadows you’ll find the Mansion”

Emrick turned and started to walk to the outskirts of the forrest. Agramon followed directly behind like a puppy following its master.

“Wait…You can’t just leave me like this”, Casey barked as she ran after them.

“Then keep up, I wont wait for a ghost. Or would you rather wonder the world as a phantom for the rest of eternity”, Emrick sighed without stopping.

“What do you even get out of this. What do you even want”, Casey snapped back.

Emrick stopped in his tracks and turned his head to her. 

Emrick spoke as if a child calling out to his mother.

“I want to die”.

Facts Edit

  • Emrick was born on April 4th 1844 making him 173 years old.
  • Agramon is the Demon of fear.
  • Emrick uses an old western revolver and several combat knives.
  • Agramon isn't the source of Emricks immortality, but is the source of his other abilities.
  • Emrick and Agramon have been together for sone long that their personalities have bleed onto each other making Emrick more like and Demon and Agramon like a Human.
  • Emrick and Agramon made a pact in 1938.

Theme Song Edit

Ready To Die - Andrew W.K

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