Penelope Hunter or Anger Issues was a regular girl but was born with a evil voice in her head people misjudged for anger issues because she never told anyone about it. Follow her through her story of mental issues, a suicide attempt, and losing herself.

Penn's clothing consists of a ripped navy tank top and dark brown jogger pants that are covered in blood and dirt stains. She has self harm scars down her arms and bruises and whip lashes on certain parts of her body. Her weapon of choice is a metal pipe.


Penn was always an agressive and quite rude girl. She would always get into fights so she never really had any friends. She never really minded that though, she somewhat liked being alone. But once her darkness, or the voice she kept hearing, overtook her mind, their personality was pretty different. She was now a sly and clever, of course still having an outrageous temper. But now the tolerance she once had for people died, she now thinks everyone is pathetic a deserves to be killed.


Penelope Hunter was never a normal girl. Ever since she was a born she had 'anger issues' which caused her to often harm people physically or mentally, sometimes not even knowing she was doing so. She always had this little whisper in her ear telling her, convincing her, that she should do these things, that it was what these people deserved. But she was your common bully to the average eye. Penn grew up without a father, he left her mother during her pregnancy because he didn't want to take responsibility, so it was always just Penn and her mother. Her mother was the kindest thing, and never punished Penn for her cruel actions. The mother thought that everything would soon blow over and she would learn from her mistakes. Even with all this power from the fear of others she was so lonely. She hated herself, often calling herself a monster for her disorder. She would cut herself behind closed doors, she took her anger and used it to hurt herself against what the voice in her head said. One day she got into a fight with an innocent student and she was expelled. Too many unjust fights from such a menace wasn't good for the community. Feeling as her life was completely over she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. She passed out on the floor and was later found by her mom. Her mother called the hospital and she was saved, well, at least she didn't die. She was put in a coma for a 3 days and kept there even longer to have a therapist question her. She was diagnosed with depression, and was later sent to a mental ward to help cure her. Although the topic of the voice in her head never came up. They said she was unstable and a danger to herself and others. The mental ward was normal except over the weekends the mental health technicians sold the patients to perverts for drug money. The patients not sold like Penn were locked up in the shower rooms and drugged with haldol so they couldn't put up much of a fight. Those that did were beaten until they passed out. Whenever the patients tried to tell the doctors they were thought up as even more crazy than diagnosed. So every weekend this torture had overwhelmed her. She became weak and helpless to the point of almost dying. Her 'anger' did not want to die. Their voice kept telling Penn to kill them, that way she can be free from this pain. But she declined, she would never kill anyone. Even if she would willing hurt others, killing seemed way to extreme. Well that's not the response that they wanted. It overcame her mind, taking complete control of her body. The girl was no more then an undying rage. So when she was sold she beat the man with his own leather belt and killed him brutally through suffocation, then picking up a broken pipe laying around in the crummy shower room she killed everyone in the ward. The workers and the patients who were held there with her. But that wasn't the end of their killing. They were so filled with hate and bloodlust that they wanted to watch everyone die. They wanted to kill everyone. Nobody to them deserved to live.


  • Penn is 18 years old
  • Her mortal soul died when being overtaken
  • She has no ability to show any real signs of compassion
  • Her creator is Forgottening

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