Penelope Hunter or Anger Issues was a regular girl but was born with a big temper, or anger issues. She had an average life besides the fact she constantly got into fights. She lived alone with her caring mother and was always unhappy with life. She got depression at a young age and started inflicted her anger on herself. But after leaving the mental ward her anger grew and was now pointing towards making everyone else suffer.

Penn has cognac eyes and brown hair with lightly tanned skin. Her most noticeable traits though are the hospital mask she always wears, the one covered in blood stains, and her face is covered in self harm scars. She has a strong athletic build with a height of five feet and seven inches. Her clothing consists of an orange and navy flannel and dark brown jogger pants that are covered in blood and dirt stains. Her weapons consist of a kitchen knife and a leather belt which is tied around her left arm.


Penn was always an agressive and quite rude girl. She would always get into fights either to hurt people who mistreated her or just for fun. Before she was sent to the mental ward she was just another girl with depression and some anger problems. But as she went through the torture every weekend at the ward she started losing her sanity letting her anger control her whole body. Now she kills for the thrill and the belief that killing everyone will set her free.


Penn was never a normal girl because of her anger issues, and this always made her an outcast and she hated society for that. When the kids at school called her names behind her back she would always get in fights with them, hurting others was the only way she could express herself. Penn was never happy though, this made her fall into a depression at a young age and she started cutting herself, inflicting her anger on herself. Her single mother, Cassandra, had known of how unhappy Penn was and would always try to cheer up her daughter, but it never worked. One day Penn had enough with life and decided to try to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. She was sent to a hospital where she got pumped with charcoal liquid to absorb the poison and was later questioned by a therapist, and with her suicidle thoughts and her violent manners it was later decided she should be sent to a state runned mental ward to try to help her.

At the mental ward everything was normal, except for the workers who were told to watch the place over the weekends. They would often sell patients to paying perverts on the streets as their toys for the night. Penn at the time was thought to be too young, so they locked her in the shower room with a few other patients where they pumped full of Hadoral with their face and body chained down. Being a mental ward whenever the patients tried to tell the doctors and therapists about this they were thought up as being delusional. With the echoes of screaming and the torture this was for Penn, it gave her anger a voice that told her that the only way she could be set free was to kill them all. Two years later she was sold but Penn took this to her opportunity. She stole the belt from the man and beated him brutally with it, then choked him to death with the same object. Then when one of the workers finally opened the door she raced out to the kitchen and found a kitchen knife inside one of the drawers and used it to stab all who came in her way as she made her way towards the exist. Once she escaped the feeling of killing those people haunted her, making her want to see more people in fear of her as she made them suffer. And with that she now uses her temper and strength as a way to end the lives of everyone she meets.


  • Penn is 17 years old
  • She never smiles
  • Penn is covered in cuts and permanent scars from when she cuts herself
  • Penn has trouble managing her thoughts and feels over whelmed a lot

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