• BlackBlooded

    Can somebody please delete the pictures with the category “Marked for Deletion”? I want to delete those pictures because I was the one who put them on here and now they’re old and not updated. They are not being used and I really want them taken down as soon as possible. Thank you.

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  • SoulDarkPsycho

    So, I have been having some ideas for creepypastas. The first one is a man named Sam Little who becomes a creepypasta known as Dark Soul after a failed science experiment.

    The second one, Is about a seducive woman who can shapeshift into anyone. She calls herself Seducer XX. 

    The third one is like the second one. It is about a man who can shapeshift into anything. He calls himself Seducer XY.

    Lastly, the fourth one, Is a boy who develops telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers. He later calls himself "Kinetic Release". 

    So, which story should I start on first?

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  • TheTimeJumper300

    It has come to my attention the some users have been adding their own "Creepypeople" to the CPTLS chart, giving their characters the ranking they believe is correct. There is nothing wrong with this but before adding entries, please do the following:

    1. Read the levels thoroughly.

    The Levels are a very important part of he CPTLS, they help determine how dangerous an entity is. When ranking your Creepyperson, please think reasonably. I know it seems cool to have an apocolyptic, mysterious, all-powerful character, some of them aren't even close to that level. I have found multiple entries that have higher rankings than they actually have. The tabs with each level clearly state the requirements for each of them. If you don't understand them, pleas…

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  • トビー・リー・ロジャース

    Hey guys,

    Toby here. My three creations: X, Danny, and Eyeless Demon, will all have a major update. Their stories will be halved to be bios, and they'll have a new story containing part of the removed half from the bio. There's one small problem though. I might not be able to do the major update as I might be globalled as I have many reasons to be globalled. If I get globalled, don't be surprised as I am a very bad user/troll. If I do get globalled, hopefully it will be temporary instead of permanent. Anyways, X will be the start as I already am thinking of his new story. Danny and Eyeless Demon will be later as I am working on X instead. ~ Toby Lee Rogers "I'm a troll" My Confession Editcount

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  • Yribb1

    Creepy pastas

    May 22, 2018 by Yribb1

    Hey thanks for the advice I have my OC posted now thanks for contacting me!!!

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  • Shinestu

    Why hello!

    May 19, 2018 by Shinestu

    Okay, hello. So I’m going to be doing a quick paragraph. (( Even if nobody answers but okay oof. )) Should I make a creepy pasta? I kinda wanna make one. Sorta like a murder mystery featuring children because I find that a tad more interesting? I’d make it take place at a tree house and stuff. Idkk it sounds fun and I wanna try it since I been getting into character design. (( For a wattpadd story, ahha. I mentioned it in my bio. )) My friend makes her own stories so I wanna try to! I’d just do it myself. Honestly I’m just starting out.

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  • トビー・リー・ロジャース

    I've made this blog out of my own experience when I got impersonated for days straight and reading posts about my friend, EnderChas, being impersonated for a long time.

    Impersonators are trolls. Trolls that needs not reaction whatsoever. 

    Impersonators will do many things. They'll make others lose their trust in you, they could end up making you leave FANDOM, they could say bad things that'll leave a scar on you, or get your ban increased by saying/doing bad things on a wiki that you're banned on, the worse is that they could get many users to report you and you end up getting globalled, an infinite ban, or even disable your account. No one wants any of that. If they go that far and they end up getting a staff member to globally ban you, jus…

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  • TheTimeJumper300

    I believe some of the users and editors of this site might have forgotten what Creepypasta actually means, so I'll give you all a refresher.

    "Creepypasta are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers," says an article regarding the topic, "The name "Creepypasta" comes from the word "copypasta", an internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again from website to website."

    Most users mistake this as making original characters, or OCs as they like to call it. Not to discredit these users but that isn't the overall premise of a Creepypasta. Creepypastas are folk tales, horror stories to strike fear into the hearts that read them. When I see …

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  • SpiritualGod

    Stop it

    April 16, 2018 by SpiritualGod

    I’ve been thinking about leaving the creepypasta fandom for many reasons Because 12 year olds are making fan girl ocs it’s cringe like really cringey. Then people are shipping Ben and Sally and Jane and Jeff or Jeff and Nina, Jeff and Sally, Ej and Sally, Slenderman and Sally, First off.. Ben and Sally, Ben is a brother to Sally and Sally is a sister to Ben. Next Jane and Jeff... Jeff hates Jane and Jane hates Jeff. Jeff and Nina, Nina is just a cringy Of and Jeff isn’t an oc. Jeff and Sally, Jeff is 25 years old and Sally is 8 That’s pedophile. Ej and Sally also pedophile, slender and Sally another pedophile

    If you ship any of those names listed please stop no one likes it.

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  • FurryLord

    hElP mE

    April 5, 2018 by FurryLord

    i made a picture for my oc but it wont let me put it in! HELP?!

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  • ZYTM76


    April 2, 2018 by ZYTM76














































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  • XXLaughingJillXx

    Im not allowed to speak of the Bosses name...but I live with him and the others. They actually went through what I went through..I'm not alone. The boss is quite slender..and I've met someone who looks like me!

    His name is Laughing Jack..

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  • FurryLord


    March 26, 2018 by FurryLord

    Ummm, hi. I’m new here, and I wanted to know if you are allowed to put up your own creepypastas. I’ve been working on one, and she’s really unique, so I wanted to be able to share her with people other than my two tumblr followers. Thanks

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  • XXLaughingJillXx

    My parents...I killed them...they no longer exist. I felt parents didn't love I killed them..was that wrong to do?

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  • Invisib4


    March 7, 2018 by Invisib4
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  • KeepEddsworldSpinning

    Hey, im Nevvy I like: Creepypasta, undertale, UT AUs, Eddsworld and HomeStuck I like Roleplaying and all of that, i dont like people bullying so please dont, favorite CP is Masky (even tho he actually is a MarbleHornet and not a CP) but i just wanted to say hi!

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  • Capitano Nox

    I have a question

    February 20, 2018 by Capitano Nox

    Are OCs allowed on this wiki?

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  • Toby Lee Rogers

    I Would Like To Adopt This Will So I Can Help With The Unnecessary Edits And Undo Them, And To Undo The Vandalism That Happens Here When It Comes As Well. May I Adopt This Wiki? I Am An Active FANDOM User. I Always Get On FANDOM Anytime I Can. I Have Got Someone A Gobal Block (Vandalism), Someone Permanently Banned (Calling me a faggot and telling me to go kill myself + Vandalism), someone's banishment extended, and someone a block on the CreepyPasta Wiki.

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  • Questionablewater, I'm DZ. My profile picture isn't me, just to inform you.

    I'm BTS trash. And if you don't know who BTS is, then google ' won't be disappointed. You've probably already stopped reading by don't blame you for that because I'm not a very interesting person to begin with.
    Anyway, let me just say a bunch of random stuff about me.
    -I write -play intruments -I make jokes a lot and I somehow make people laugh with them -I have three cats, Pankake, Karma, and Princess -A true music addict -Babysitter most of the time -I scream a lot so my throat is sore all the time -I've been told to be a living meme

    Just plain trash, a good trashy meme. 

    Can't think of anything else to write. I guess I should go now... bye

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  • JenniferTheKiller010101

    nameless girl

    December 28, 2017 by JenniferTheKiller010101

    Another try... this time I tried something new but she has no name. But her backround story is a little weird. Her parents abandoned her and left her into an abandoned mansion because they thought that she was fat. She spent there a long time and she was wearing old clothes she found from this mansion. She always played hide and seek with her mirror reflection. As the time passed, she got thinner and thinner until she was so weak that she died. She was living as a ghost in that mansion but one night a huge storm broke the window so she was free. Now she's a ghostie girl who draws into her notebook with coal and she loves to make people scream by cutting them with a little piece of glass from that window.... That story isn't perfect but it'…

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  • JenniferTheKiller010101

    This is my creepypasta Jennifer The Killer. She's a mix of Jeff The Killer and Sally. She doesn't have a backround story yet but you can create it. I would be happy if someone would create something out of this random drawing I did! Don't forget her bunny and knife what isn't on the drawing. I hope you like her!

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  • CreepypastaLives


    December 3, 2017 by CreepypastaLives

    Meet Jermaine Sidney or as in her 'now name “MysticKill” She was such a sweet girl when she was 5 years old,had a nice family. But that all changed. She was a normal kid,she lost her parents because of a car crash. She had several friends but they all moved to another place,her other ones became one of her bullies. She was always the victim of the bullies,she was then adopted by abusive parents. They always hated her and thought of her with negative feelings. However Jermaine stayed the same,people thought of her as a freak because of all the things happened,she always smiled like nothing happened in her life. But in mind,she was also getting tired of it. One day,she let a killer escape,a lot of cops were surrounding the killer till she c…

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  • JeffZEKiller


    November 29, 2017 by JeffZEKiller

    well the creepypasta is my faverite thing to look up to and i wish they could make a movie about it , it like if there even real , i may or may not be but there still some new creature been disocery on the world some are very creepy so plase keep lovieng the pasta

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  • Makeshift4m

    Cooper Switch

    September 29, 2017 by Makeshift4m

    Hello, all you creepypasta fans! doesn't anyone else think that we need more creepypasta characters? well, I made my own his name is Cooper Switch, and I hope you guys like him, I worked very hard to create him! can't wait to see what the community thinks of him! :)

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  • TheSuicideSadie

    1st Blog

    September 12, 2017 by TheSuicideSadie

    Hey Guys its Suicide Sadie! So yeah I am the real Suicide Sadie and I gotta tell ya, I'm not who you think I am...

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