Blood oil.

So you probably feel pretty carouse bout blood oil. Well blood oil or Emma clark was once a normal girl. She was about 16 when it happened. She had a normal family but one night it was midnight when she heard a huge crash coming from the living room. Her sister and parents were in there. She went to see what was happening. When she got there she found them all dead. Her sister was only 12. They heard a quiet voice say "What a shame." Who ever said that left. Emma fell to her knees. She started to cry. Soon the police came. They could not find the killer no matter how hared they tried. The next day at school Emma's friends tried to help cheer up Emma but it was no use. That night Emma got a knife she got some oil to. She lit the house on fire. Covered herself in oil. The fire was so hot it melted her inerds. She slit her arms legs and head. Just be for death she drew 2 crosses. One in blood and one in inerds. She quickly passed out from the heat. A few hours later she awoke to find heself covered in blood, guts and oil. She heard a voice like the killers voice. She felt a strong need to kill... She could not help but to kill every one in there eye sight. THE END HOPE YOU ENJOYED. ALSO DON'T PITURE HER AND IF YOU DO... GOOD LUCK SLEEPING AGIN!!!

Oh and her theme is Bullet by Hollywood undead. this story is by GGbuilder.