Carmon Shadows is unlike any creepypasta or proxy heard of. I just recently found out about her and her gang called Wild Shadows. She was born February 12, 2005. Her first victim was a little boy at the age of 4, this one was an accident, she didn't mean to kill him. Lizzy Wild, who is part of the Wild Shadows was there too and was also related in the incident. The weapon used to kill, bow and arrow. Age of Carmon and Lizzy five, think of this, they were learning how to shoot. Carmon met Belle and soon became friends. with the trio, they created a group called The Wild Shadows. I'm still learning a lot about them and they're not well known.

Carmon wears camo pants and any red shirt. She as a black leather jacket with a button on hood and black combat/hiking boots. She is fair to pale skin with brown hair and blue tips. She has brown eyes and is not someone you want to have as your enemy.

Her weapons consist of a sword, hatchets, gun, and daggers. She is half Shadow and half Hell Demon. She loves cheesecake, waffles, and sandwiches.

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