Carmon Shadows is unlike any creepypasta or proxy heard of. I just recently found out about her and her gang called Wild Shadows. She was born February 12, 1996. Her first victim was a little boy at the age of 4, this one was an accident, she didn't mean to kill him. Lizzy Wild, who is part of the Wild Shadows was there too and was also related in the inciden. The weapon used to kill, bow and arrow. Age of Carmon and Litzy five, think of this they were learning how to shoot.

Carmon's second victim was her mom. She killed her mom while her dad was drunk, leaving him no ecplanation of what happened. She had another league on the Wild Shadows at the time, Crimson Belle. Carmon was twelve at the time while Lizzy and Belle were both 13.

A couple years later when they were around 16 to 18 they met up, Lizzy, Carmon, and Belle in the same place. Her dad was becoming more drunk and the trio decided to run away. They laid low in anbandoned apartment until the Creepypastas showed up at their door step. They had been liv in that apartment for a while up till now, 21 and 22. And now they are Creepypastas.

I recently found out about these guys, but their pretty interesting, especially since I'm Carmon. Carmon Shadows, Shadow Demon.

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