Don't hold back from me
~ Caterina


Cat's life started to get hard for her ever since her parents got divorced. Her perspective on life changed completely and she would always hear her parents fight over and over. When she was 4 her neighbor tried to rape her, but then she had to move to a new house, which was her grandmother's house. And when she was in 3rd grade she would get bullied which led her to gain a little bit of social anxiety, but when she turned 15 everything changed for her.

She had to go to the hospital for a yearly checkup, and one of the nurses noticed some unusual activity in Cat. She would talk to herself, her head would twitch when she stood or sat too long, and she would notice Cat fiddling with the surgery tools, and would walk around the room when she was bored. She was then brought into a white padded cell since she showed no hostility. There was no need to put her into a straight jacket, but she would just sit there and talk to herself and would look around the room. She knew where she was, and tried to the people watching her to let her out, but nothing happened.

She stayed there for 2 hours doing absolutely nothing, but when they let her out they took her for a blood testing making sure she was healthy. The nurses and doctors finally knew what cat had, which was schizophrenia and small PTSD. Cat was put into a changing room, where she changed into a hospital gown, and was taken to her room where she was to stay.

4 years passed, and Cat has to have a daily checkup with her nurse. Cat looked around the room looking for something to stab her with, but there was nothing in sight till she noticed what her nurse was writing with. It was a plain yellow pencil with a sharp tip. When the nurse gave Cat the pencil to write her name on the papers with the pencil Cat stabbed the nurses' eyes and blinded her, then grabbed a surgery tool from outside and stabbed her to death. Hungry, Cat cut open the nurse and ate only her heart and kidneys.

Leaving Lutheran general hospital, Cat had a car stop right by her, taking the person out of the car and killing them then leaving and going to her house where her mom and dad were talking. She took off her shoes trying not to make any noise, then grabbing the knife from the kitchen. She walked up to her dad and stabbed him, then walking up to her mom's room when she saw her mom and killed her. Still hungry, she ate both of her parents' organs. Cat then got in the car and drove away, then stopped the car by a forest to rest for a bit, when Slenderman was seen in Cat's side mirrors. Stepping out of the car she went deep into the woods, where she was stopped by SlenderMan who took her to his mansion to live with other people like her, and stay here as a home to her, where she now has friends that support her and she supports them. Be careful cause you never know where she might be...


  • She is 19 years old.
  • Has a small crush on Eyeless Jack
  • She dislikes Ann and makes fun of her and thinks of her as a slut but is still her somewhat friend and goes to her or best friend Natalie/Clockwork for help
  • She hates Nina the Killer
  • Her friends are Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Sally, Lazari, Eyeless Jack, and Clockwork, Nurse Ann, Suicide Sadie and Jeff.
  • Her Creator is Ggzz
  • Cat's real name is unknown but changed it to Caterina Valentine/Cat because of how much she hates her real name.
  • She is good at singing but better at soft songs
  • Her favorite color is blue
  • Cat is a sweet but sometimes brooding girl
  • Cat only kills with a knife or her teeth


"Why hello there"


"Try not to struggle"

"Take a catnap"

Theme Song

Voices in my head[1]

==Wreak havoc