All I wanted was to have fun, what's so bad about that?
~ Catty Circus's catchphrase

Ariana Isabella Myers always wanted to have a fun life and go to a lot of places. Her favorite place was the circus. Every night Catty would sneak outside to go to fun places. Until her older sister, Daniella told on Catty. after that, Catty was abused by her parents.

Story: Edit

Catty would always sneak out to the circus until her parents started abusing her because her sister Daniella told on Catty. Catty started to stay up in her bedroom all day because she could barely move. Day after day she started cutting her self more and more. When she started to feel better her mom made her get groceries. Catty went to the store. On the way she saw a man that was tall and skinny. After she got home from the store, she noticed her parents or her sister weren't home. So, she went back outside to the forest then, saw the same man that was tall and skinny. Then the Slender Man took her away.

Facts: Edit

  • She is 17
  • She is canonically shipped with Numb Jaxson
  • She likes clowns and to party
  • She is insane, a party animal, hyper, emotional, sassy, childish
  • Her creator is Koolnash
  • Her best friend is Ghostly Goldie

Theme: Edit