Natalie Oulette or Clockwork was once a normal girl, but that changed when her family started abusing her, but she's not smart enough to tell it to someone. She even believe that time is against her, and that's the problem to the abusement. Follow her journey through abuse, time, and losing it.

Natalie wears a white tank top, a grey jacket, black pants and black boots. One of her eyes are replaced with a pocket watch. She cut her face like Jeff the Killer, because she was in love with gore drawings. She removed her eye and replaced it with a pocket watch clock because she would hear the ticking of how long the abusement lasted.


Before being abused, she was a lovely, polite girl. As she was abused, her personalty changed and made become suicidal like cutting her face and eye but not dying from blood loss.


Natalie was a normal girl. Everything was perfect in her life, until her father became violent with punishments. At the age of 9, she was physically and mentally abused by both parents. She started staring blankly at her pocket watch, waiting hours and hours until her parents became physically violent. Natalie was tricked by her older brother Lucas when he told her he could make her popular at school. Not taking this personally, Natalie was raped by Lucas, no protection. This happened for a couple more years until she finally had the nerve to end it by speech. At 17, she became mentally insane and had the time to injure herself. Starting with cutting her mouth into scar like designs, she was driven into replacing her left eye with her pocket watch. One night, she had enough, grabbing her stuffed giraffe, grabbing a cutting knife, and stabbing her mother in front of her father. She then would stab her father, but he fought back. Finally, Natalie ended his life and continued on to Lucas, her raper. Without thinking, she ran into his room, but he then beat her with a baseball bat. Slowly, she arose and cut his limbs off. Starting with the fingers of his hands. Natalie stuffed his thumb up his throat and made him gag until he slowly suffocated. She was later arrested, but soon fell under the tragic misunderstanding of her childhood, killing more people, gaining more vengeance.


  • She's 18 years old
  • Her catchphrase is "Your Time is Up."
  • She has a stuffed giraffe called Jaffy.
  • Being raped, she has not become pregnant.
  • She is friends with everyone but possibly not friends with Masky.

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