Dark Link is Link's shadow form, but's evil when he's awake. In his story, were gonna read some parts of someone's point of view of the game that features Dark Link. Follow his story through a game, deaths, and a murderer.

Link wears a dark Link outfit, but his eyes are red like red velvet cake. His hat is fading like a shadow, and his hair is more white and yellow.


Before becoming a pasta, he was just a normal Link, but after awakening, he became aggressive, perverted, and sassy.  


A man was helping his friend when he moved to another home and took a break. He decides to play some games until he found Link's Awakening. He asks his friend if he can have it since he lost his. The friend paid him, and the man went home and played the game. He was really excited to play it again. He started the game and made a file.

When he started, something wasn't right. First, the music isn't playing. Second, the top right of the screen wasn't right, for example, the Knights status has been replacing with 2 Stalfos. The man decided to make another file, but realize that there's only one empty file that he can use. The other 2 are gone. Then, the thumping noises started to annoy him, so he started and make "Link" in the file. 

When the file started, the screen shows Link tossing and turning while Marin watched. Later, Link was on his feet, pumped for a new adventure, and made his way to a village. When he did, he found a witch hunt, but when he entered, there were high pitch screaming noises. The man made Link leave the hut and went right. As he did, he found Tarin in his raccoon form, but he was the one screaming for his life. He ran and attack Link, but Link threw something that he hopes made Tarin stopped going crazy. Instead, Tarin started screaming like he was getting burned, and next, there was blood and guts out on the floor. The man was horrified when he saw this. 

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  • He's about 19 years old.
  • He's the second one that is connected to the Legends of Zelda series.
  • Became an outcast later on.


Theme song: Game Over - Alexa Vega