Demora Foosh, her family had always been poor, she had started off albino which caused her to be a target. Follow her story through Abandonment, schizophrenia, and revenge.

Appearance Edit

Demora has long pure white hair with two black streaks. Her eyes are a light turquoise, she has pale ivory skin. She is often seen to be wearing a light pink faded mask with one eye hole for her right eye, for her left eye on the mask consists of a small circle with three animated like eyelashes and small blush marks underneath, part of the mask broke around her nose. Finally represented as the mouth is a long spaced out side ways 3. Her clothes consist of a old salmon colored jumper, a black undershirt, and black combat boots.

Personality Edit

Demora is very quite, she doesn't like to talk often and could be described as mute. She usually uses her ability to talk through electronics when she touches them, or writes what she wants to say down. She is a calm person who can get easily embarrassed, she often doesn't jump to conclusions and just ignores what anyone says. But on the inside she is planning revenge in the most devious way possible.

Story Edit

Light turquoise eyes scanned a page, reading carefully, not voicing any of the words that traced their way into her mind, tapping the desk lightly, a unblinking stare on the page until a loud clapping sound was heard from behind her, her snowy hair flying in the wind as she fell back from her seat. She hadn't expected anything. Obnoxious laughs floated in the air around her, disturbing the library's normally tranquil, quite feel. Demora squeaked in pain as her she closed her turquoise orbs slowly. Her concentration on the book fading away as she glared at the boys who had shocked her.

"Hey old lady! Why are you here? You're not studying are you? You really need to get your grades up." One of the kids mocked her using her colorless hair as an advantage along with her limited amount of concentration of talking. "Yeah! Why are you dressed in so weird clothes!" Another kid asked placing his hands on his hips while grinning with his spotless, stainless new striped t-shirt covering him along with cargo shorts. She rubbed her back as she sat up. 

"sAy dEmoRa, wHy dOnT yOu ShoW ThEm ThAt wHaT goEs ArOUNd comEs aROUND!" 

Demora shook her head, her hair flying over her barely covered shoulders. A worn out salmon colored jumper adorning her skinny figure. Several stains and faded fabric mixed in with the other colors. Demora slipped her hand back pushing herself off the ground before grabbing the book from before, her old rubber boots barely made a sound as she barely stood up compared to the boys surrounding her. Ignoring them she headed to the librarians desk to check out the book. 

The librarian simply hummed to a song playing from some earbuds before ripping the book out of Demora's hands and scanning it and her student ID. Once Demora got the thick chapter book from the librarian she walked out of the Library into the harsh heat of the summer sun. A bead of sweat already starting its way down her pale skin. Her blood shot eyes squinting and her white colored eyebrows furrowing as a scowl made its way to her face. She hated the heat, it was just simply to hot, to bright. She stared up at the cloudless sky before she started making her way into a older, cheaper part of her town. 

A place where not many came and went. She lived with her mother in one of the cheapest places they could find, one simple bedroom, one bath, and a small kitchen. They had old flip phones to contact each other, but that's about as much as they could afford, at times they both had to go days without food. Most of the lights were turned off to save the expenses of the electric bill. 

Demora's mother, Cassandra worked part time at a cafe, they had gotten no help from their relatives, not even giving a dime to them. Demora's father, Bryson ran out of the father position last minute because of the expenses yet to come, he already had so much debt, he didn't need more from a child. He started getting wealthier than before and managed to pay off his debts and started asking for Cassandra to come back with him. But he never asked for Demora to go with them. They'd often get on long arguments on the phone, then Cassandra would leave with a hurry and come back with some beer. She was a sad drunk, she'd sob and mope around turning on their old TV. 

Those times would take a lot out of their funds. Demora let out a held breath when she opened the door, relived not to find any shouting, or beer bottles. A normal night or so it would seem. She made her way to their shared bedroom, Cassandra passed out on her bed, squeaks coming out from the bed at times she would move. 

Demora simply sat down at a small desk and started working on her homework. She had learned how to cope with things like this over the years. At school everyone was with their best friends, Demora was always alone, she didn't want it to be that way, but she had almost no backbone when it came to talking with people. Her high pitched voice would often squeak out some words and then they would leave laughing about her high pitched voice.

Once finished, Demora put her completed homework in her bag, finding nothing else to do she simply got out her book from before, Warriors: Into the wild. Although she had already read this book many times, the first series always felt the best, the original, it was amazing. She read through the prologue narrating the book with her voice, seeing as her mother was asleep she'd be by her lonesome with her voice. She gave a new voice to each of the characters. Then a voice popped into her mind. She ignored it. She thought it was normal. She had never knew about anything called 'Schizophrenia' or anything like it. No one mentioned it to her after all. 

She peeked outside from a small window, it was dark out and she had finished the first book of the series once again. Her stomach rumbled waiting for its food. She just got some tap water and hoped that it would be enough until morning.  She sat in her bed, old quilts made by her mother and her grandmother when they were kids covered her. She stared up at the roof, small water droplets falling onto the ground, she moved her legs to the side of the bed grabbing a old rusted pain and placing it where the water was falling. The battering of the new found rain fell. What a lovely day.

Demora fell asleep, her eyes burning. Her head spinning. But she didn't care, she wouldn't say anything. 

She awoke with the gentle shake of her mother, Cassandra's sapphire blue eyes meeting the turquoise she had inherited from her father. "Good morning sweet heart!" Cassandra chirped despite the drained expression on her face. A worn out smile meant nothing now. She could see through all the facades. "Good morning, Mother." Cassandra held out a piece of bread with some jam smeared on top, it wasn't toasted at all some butter was sprayed on as well. "Im sorry, you will need to get to school in around 5 minutes... I just really like watching you sleep sometimes... you seem so peaceful." Cassandra smiled at her daughter who hurriedly put on the same jump suit as before on top of her black tank top, slipped on the old muddy boots took the bread and her backpack and started sprinting to school.

It was no surprise that when she got to school she was at least 2 minutes late. She never answered any questions during class in the terror that she could slip up and embarrass herself further. She'd never know what to say, the teachers always decided to avoid calling on her. It was as if she wasn't there. During lunch time she sat down at a seat of a empty table. Pulling out her book, seeing as she didn't have any lunch or lunch money, she'd wait until she gets home to eat something. She was soon pushed out of her seat. A group a girls and boys now chatting as she went to find another place to sit. She eventually found herself sitting on the floor of the cafeteria. No one wanted her to sit with them. 

She toyed with the small strands of black hair she had, all going into a streak or two. The rest of her hair was pure white, against her pale skin. Her mother had black hair and she always assumed her father did as well. She never met him, only hearing his name being yelled by her mother. Cassandra still loved Bryson, even if he betrayed their family. Bryson loved Cassandra, that part was always obvious. Soon Demora may be out of the picture, she was 16 so she could get a job and start living on her own. She didn't want her mother to abandon her just as her father did. It was wrong, she hated her father with a burning passion. 

As soon as school ended she made her way back home. Empty. Everything was empty, only a small bag of bread sticks and around 5 dollars worth of cash. She froze before turning around and heading into her and her mothers bed room. Only one bed. She knew it. Her mother had left her. Bryson and her arguments took their toll and Cassandra broke and gave into it. She left without Demora. 

Tears welled up in Demora's eyes. They soon found themselves streaming down her face as she legs collapsed beneath her, she fell to the ground, she felt like she was burning. Her hands and knees and legs felt like they were burning. Her face was boiling with the hot tears streaming down her face. Her mind was fried because all the voices started acting up, shouting at her, wanting, a yearning, a craving for revenge. She gritted her teeth. Biting into her lip making another hot liquid trail down her skin. 

The voices they were so aggravating, she needed to get rid of them. Her hands moved up from the ground as she backed into the wall behind her, leaning against the bland colored wall. "Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" She screamed out her high pitched cracking voice let out several more yells as she tore away at her ears, not thinking strait, she knew it was all in her mind up this was all she could to for now, blood was oozing down from the several scratch marks lining around her ears as she still clawed at them. 

She barely could feel it anymore and it felt like the voices were starting to go away. No they weren't. She just couldn't hear them over the pulsating of the blood rushing to her ears. Her nose dripped with blood, adding more stains to her old jumper. A few minutes later she finally came to her senses. It had felt like hours, but the hot, burning, agonizing pain soon took its toll as she cried. Now with sadness and pain, it felt as though she had lost everything in almost a day. 

She looked at her hands, coated with blood, almost like a waterfall it cascaded down her arms dripping onto the wooden ground, flesh had been torn off from her ears. But that wasn't the only place, one of her hands must have wandered because now, her right eye was also injured along with the some of the space around it. She bounded to the bathroom, switching on the faucet to the the water start to fall she rushed to place her hands under, eventually grabbing a towel and dabbing at her ears that were lined with the unconscious bloodied scratches that were around them. Some of ear was torn off, she needed to take the next week or so off from school. She only had 5 dollars, she never learned how to drive, no bike, the closest hospital was almost 11 miles away. 

In this condition it'd take days for her to get there. She had no other choice than to try to bandage herself up. As far as the land lord and other people were concerned, the house was vacant. No longer used. An eyesore. Since Cassandra left there should be no one left in it. Once Demora returned with a first aid kit and started applying rubbing alcohol around her right eye and around her right ear. As far as she was concerned that was the only place that really needed to be bandaged up bad, some rubbing alcohol rolled down to her neck as she caught whiff of something.

The residence in the town all yearned for a show, and they got one. They would burn down Cassandra's old house, seeing as she moved in with her not officially divorced husband.

The fire started at the front and soon blocked off all exits, Demora had some flammable liquid on her face, and no one knew she was in the house. It wasn't long before she was cut off, the right side of her face quickly caught a flame. She had taught herself to stay silent in almost any circumstance. Being burned alive was one she would've never accounted for. Once her shrill scream was heard, fire fighters arrived at the scene and dragged her out, she was passed out barely breathing. They took some blood work and they knew she was Cassandra's daughter that somehow was left behind. But they couldn't call Cassandra, It seemed as though she had almost disappeared without a trace with her husband. 

Demora had her treatment for free. Her hair almost seemed untouched by the flames and only the right side of her face and part of her neck had permanent scarring. The rest was to be treated easily by the Paramedics. Along with the permanent scarring came the loss of her right eye and ear. She still could hear properly without the ear. Its just that her senses dulled significantly. Her smell always was smoky, she could barely smell anything other than the burning wood. Her tastes were dulled, and she lost all appetite. She often needed injections of proteins and vitamins because she refused to eat hospital food because of the taste and smell. 

They had managed to recover her Jumpsuit, and her rubber boots. After a few months of rehabilitation she was returned to school. But after the first day of being alone. She was never seen again. Well at least not really seen again. She took the little money the hospital funded her with to but a mask and hide her 'hideous' scar covered face. She hated her face. She grabbed a pinkish mask that sort of went with her jumpsuit, she took a sharpie and stroked in one of those dog like muzzles in all of the cartoons, a small dotted eye and small blush lines underneath. 

She had always been fascinated with dogs and cats because of her books.

She started kidnapping kids, she liked kids, they weren't very judgmental, or some of them weren't. If they were, they were dead. If not she'd spend time with them. She developed a fear of being alone. After a month or two with the nice kids, she'd return them to their family, watching them with envy, then she would just walk away. 

Then she finally found her family. Her so called 'family', they were blood related, but they were never there for each other. 


Cassandra's life turned upside down once she broke into going with Bryson. It went from days with the daughter that she loved so much that she'd grown to hate. She'd never hurt her, but this was because of her, she decided to abandon her and she moved back in with Bryson. She always gave second thoughts but after a while. It didn't matter to her anymore. 

Almost 2 years later, Cassandra and Bryson had a decently big apartment a few cities over. Bryson was a business man and Cassandra started creating art work and selling it. Soon enough she became pregnant again with a boy. Cassandra named him Dominic in honor of Demora. If they hadn't abandoned her all of this never would have happened. Their life would never had turned out so great. 

They fell asleep in their king sized bed, a turquoise eye peering at them through the glass. Smirking behind her mask. Their door creaked open. She stalked into her brothers room, he was sleeping like a angel. Not aware of any danger that could be lurking around the corner. She almost felt bad for ending him. She pulled out a knife she had found in the kitchen. She wouldn't use that object for the adults. No it would be something else. So she could watch their suffering. She rose up her knife as the baby's baby blue eyes opened and blinked. Demora bit her lip. No she couldn't spare him. A muffled cry came out of the baby. Alerting their parents. Demora no longer hesitated and grabbed the baby monitor. She plunged the knife into her brothers head. 

Pulling out the knife, blood traced down the blade, small splatters of blood on her hair, jumper, and her mask. 

The door to the room swung open, two horrified adults stood there staring at the probably 18 year old female who had killed their child. "You-You... YOU DEMON!" Bryson hissed his nose flaring as he charged at the young lady who jumped back, avoiding getting hit. She hadn't let the two years she had go to waste, she started working out and became stronger. "Demon. Is that really what you think of me..." A glitchy voice came out of the baby monitor, it was deeper than Demora's that was for sure. The voice continued making Bryson freeze at what it said. 


Cassandra's sapphire eyes welled up with sadness and tears that soon streamed down her face. 

"What did you say?" 

The voice didn't continue, but the Demora did. She grabbed a lamp from nearby and swung it at his head, knocking him back a bit. "DEMORA!" Cassandra screamed in the mom tone that told all kids to stop. "That would never work. Mother." The voice hissed with rage evident in the tone, even if it was only a electronic voice it frightened her. Bryson started getting up, the crimson metallic liquid oozing down from his head which was covered with a mop of black hair. 

Bryson charged at the girl again a pocket knife in his hand. She merely stepped to the side sending him flying to a window, then Cassandra came at her about to punch her. Demora seemed amused even with the mask on. She sent Cassandra crashing into her husband. "You both did this." Demora hissed, hate boiling in her tone, killer intent lacing her voice as she threw her mask off into the corner of the room. 

"You abandoned me! And now Life will abandon your body!" Demora shouted her turquoise eye was blood shot like always, her scarred face was red with rage. "I loathe you both!" Demora screamed her high pitch voice echoed through the apartment as she grabbed the knife from before. "I originally was going to use something else. But I need to make this quick." Their lives ended that day. She brought down the knife multiple times drilling it into their skulls until the neighbors knocked the door open and ran into the room to see the slaughter of their neighbors. Blood soaked the carpet and Demora had her mask back on. She glared at the neighbors. Her eyes piercing through their souls. 

Demora Foosh; Aged 16 last seen. Suspected age 18. She has white hair with streaks of black, she was last seen wearing a mask and a Jumper. If you see her, run, and call 911.

Facts Edit

  • She usually doesn't get involved when other people fight, but if it goes to far. She will step in.
  • Her preferred time to kill is around 3-4 am earning her the nickname 'Demon' from her victims.
  • She has many distant relatives that had never helped her or her family out so she will make sure to end their lives as part of her goal.
  • Her favorite foods are usually the sweetest thing you can find on the menu.
  • She dislikes how her own face looks so she hides it behind the mask.
  • She works on her physical strength 1-2 hours every other day.
  • Her most common weapon is a knife.
  • Demora's artist and creator is KurushimiAkuma.
  • Her theme song is; Had Enough -- Breaking Benjamin |