Eyeless Jack, is an enigmatic serial killer with a craving for human organs.

Jack wears a dark gray hoodie with a pair of dark jeans. He dons a deep blue mask with eye holes just as empty and dark as his sockets. The tar poured into his eyes during his sacrifice will trickle down the mask. His preferred weapons are his claws, teeth, and a scalpel. ==Personality== 

Jack is a very dark and brooding. He hardly ever says a word. He is highly analytical with his victims, and seems to have a thorough understanding of the human body and use of surgical tools.  

History Edit

Jack was just like any other student, but he had a slight eye sight problem. One day he started seeing the walls and even his mother apparently "melting and seeing black ooze." His friends then came over the next day to hangout with him. While telling his friends that his vision is terrible, one of his friends insisted that he bought and ate a kidney, seeing if that might help. Jack soon went to the store and bought a pig kidney (or some kind of animal kidney) and took it home for his mother to cook it up so he can eat it.

His mother cooked it and handed him the plate of chopped up kidney, Jack took a bite and enjoyed it. He then started to buy more and more, which has been to his surprise, helping his vision. One day, his father was watching the news and saw that markets are no longer selling animal organs due to some animal disease. Jack was shocked and furious, he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Jack soon went insane, he kept seeing hallucinations of melting walls and black ooze over and over, until he finally had of enough. He then started scratching at his eyes out of his eye sockets, he didn't want to be able to see anything like those hallucinations ever again. Jack, was wanting kidneys, and at that moment, his mother walked in. He ran at her and stabbed her, cutting where her kidneys were located and grabbing them to eat.

Jack now runs around, killing and eating their kidneys to satisfy his hunger.......


  • In most depictions, Seed Eater has been said to be his companion, or pet.
  • He has no signature catchphrase.
  • His character was created by Azelf5000
  • It is unknown if Jack eats any other human organs other than kidneys, but some believe that it could be true.

fadfsadf Theme SongEdit

Theme song: Narcissistic Cannibal - Korn

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