Jack Nichols or Eyeless Jack was once a straight-A student until one night changes everything. Follow his journey through being a sacrifice to be a son of Chernobog.

Jack wears a black hoodie, with black pants as well. He sometimes wears a blue mask that reveals his empty eye sockets. He also wears black gloves and converse. His skin, however, is now gray instead of a normal skin color. His weapon is his claws, teeth and scalpel.


Before being use, he was a straight-A student, but also a troublemaker. After studying or doing homework, he would party out of control. After being use, he became aggressive and a short-temper. He would be nice to you if you are a friend or a loved one.  


Jack was a good, smart student until he met a girl named Jenny who was a part of a cult gathering about a demon called Chernobog and in the process, he had his eyes ripped out, which left him with empty sockets that are dripping a black substance. After being possessed, he went in a fit of rage and killed the cult member and ate their organs with a new set of razor sharp teeth that he formed during the possession. Even though he likes organs, he prefers kidneys more than anything. Due to that, Eyeless Jack was born.


  • He's about 19 years old
  • Shipped often in with Nina the Killer
  • Has a pet name Seed Eater
  • He has no catchphrase
  • Creator is Azelf5000
  • Lazari likes him but he doesn't like her back
  • Friends with Jeff the Killer


Theme song: Narcissistic Cannibal - Korn

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