==​Fluttershy's lulabye.==" I was home alone when it happend... It was holween. I was watching a tv show when the power went out. My little pony was recored on the box... Some how... I terned it on. But i felt realy uneasy. Every charater was whispering under there breath. It got to a scene wear there were fluttershy was putting 3 fillys to bed. Sh-she asked if they wanted to hear a lulabye... Before they awnserd she sang "Hush little fillys go to sleep but you won't wake..." Then something flashed on the scene a little girl dres all in grey apered on scene. She had her eyes gouled out and her neck was slit... I was horrorfied... All i could say was "Is th-that applebloom?" It was but she was human... She twitched and the scene went back to fluttershy singing. She just sang "Now little fillys rest your head." Next was another little girl... Wering a white dress coverd in blood... her intesins were all over the place... It was sweetie bell... I thought WHY why is happening to theres charaters... I unpluged the tv... but it stayed on. Next was scootaloo... there was blood every were. She was inpaled with a knife... I heard a loud scream fro out side i ran to the windo and saw the 3 little girls... dead on the ground! And one tall women dressed like flutter shy was holdind a-a knife. I froze as she turned to me she just stared and said "Your next." The tv turend of but not before i saw a piture of my parents... They they were mutalated. The Tv finaly turned off. I got a call from my best friend... They said i was being sent to a foster home. I asked why. They said my parents... they were murded. But i din't care. I wanted to get away as fast as possible! A week later i was at the foster home... There  was a box in my room. I opend it... there was a bloody fluttershy doll with a note that said see you soon. Later i burned the dawmed thing. I stopped watching my little pony.

Well thats the story! THANKS FOR READING!