So i'm sure you've heard of undertale and w.d gaster. You may no know all the easter eggs but heres a creepy story fo the hallway you find if your fun value is 66. Hope you will enjoy!

W.D gaster's story Edit

W.D gaster was the sincestest who came before Alfiys. He created the core butt soo after he fell in and the core exploded scattering him all over the universe. I would tell you more but it's rude to talk about someones whos lisening. (SORRY I CAN'T SPELL!)

Hall 66 Edit

Once there was a child named Danny. He loved to play vido games. One day he stumbled on undertale. he strared to play butt something seemed off. Sometime a weird font would come up at random. Danny just thought it was glitch so he kept playing. He felt like some one was wathing him. Butt he kept playing. He had seen all the gaster easter eggs butt when he saw the door and went though he did not see gaster any were. He did all the routes. But the font kept coming. Then the gonner kid said soming wied he was not supposed to say: I head gaster is trying come back. Butt danny felt soming forcing him to keep playing. He went in the room again but ths time gaster was there he went to leave butt the door was gone. He tried to tak to gaster. Gaster instead of leaing in shock said: Hello little child would you like to leave. It was not in the windings font. it was in a mix of fonts. each letter had a differnt font. Danny said: Y-you not s-supposed to talk! He tried to get away. But Gaster only replayed You can't escape. Danny tried to close the game but he clouden't. He tried to call his mom but all he heard was a faint voice say be ware the man who speaks in hands. He suddenly fanted wh-whats going on he asked when he woke up. He looked around in horrer as he realized were he was. The room gaster was in. He opend his mouth to sceam but faild to make a sound. Gaster walked over and put his foot on Danny's chest. He said to Danny You should have lisend to what they said. Now die. Danny could not breath. He died. WELL THE END!

His theme: Gasters theme (ORINAL LYICS) Edit


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