Overview Edit

Heather Belle Grey was a perfectly normal girl, until a Christmas time accident left her trapped inside of one of her grandmothers hand made dolls. She unfortunately couldn't free herself from the claustrophobic confines of the doll, and died inside of it. After her death she becomes tethered to the doll that she died in, and is doomed to reside within the doll for all of eternity.


Heather doesn't necessarily have a very well defined personality. She bases her personalities off of TV, and movies that she sees. She can be anything from: Flirty, funny, kind, loving, friendly, fun loving. To: Cruel, sadistic, mean spirited, aggressive, and manipulative. Her real, original personality before she died was: Happy, sweet, trusting, frustrating, and somewhat annoying. She never shows this side anymore because she grew up.


Heather looks however she wants. She has several bodies that she wears often. She is also usually is covered in patches of any verity. She likes colorful patches, but anything she adds to her body will fade of it's color, leaving it dull and lifeless.

Attire Edit

She doesn't typically wear anything, and if she does, she doesn't wear it for long. She tries to stay under the radar as much as possible, so when she has a piece of clothing that she really likes, she wears it when nobody is around. She doesn't want to be caught, or seen. She likes to remain a myth as much as she can. There is one article of clothing that she holds very special to her heart. Her mother's old black and white striped sweater.


Heather went through the anguish of a bitter family divorce early on in her life, only being seven when it happened. She and her twin sister were separated after deciding which parent they wanted to go with. Heather chose her father, and Bella chose their mother.

Heather didn't find out about the divorce the same way Bella did. She found out through a letter on her wardrobe that explained everything that was going on. After finding out about the divorce, Heather had a serious accident and went to the hospital. This accident was so serious that Heather fell into a year long coma. She woke, but not unscathed. It took her four years to return to her normal self, and even then it was debatable. Because of the healing time, the therapy, and physical therapy, she and her father missed out on many family get-togethers, even though they had promised that they would come.

Neither Elisa, or Belladonna knew about what had happened to Heather, as Oliver was afraid to notify his wife of his failings as a father, so he simply said that Heather didn't feel up to going every time Elisa would call and ask. This secrecy by the father, inadvertantly caused anger to bloom in Bella's heart. The secrets caused Bella to think that it was all her sisters fault. She had hoped that after the holiday get-togethers that were in place their mother and father would eventually remarry. But since Heather "Didn't feel like it" They were still divorced. Because of this, Bella decided that at the Christmas party, when they actually could all get together again, that she would prank her little sister. And that's when things went very wrong.


  • She's a tethered ghost, meaning she cannot leave her designated body.
  • She currently has no love interests.
  • She died at 12 years old.
  • A common thing she says is: "I'm not a joke!"

Theme Song:Edit

Theme Song: Million Years Ago- Adele

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