Herobrine Persson is an urban legend within Minecraft, he is said to be an evil ghost that haunts the code, tormenting players and searching for his brother Notch. Follow his journey through death, revival, and seeking revenge on his brother Notch.

Herobrine is always seen wearing a blue t-shirt with dark blue trousers, grey shoes, white skin, brown hair and glowing white eyes, his main weapon is a diamond pickaxe.


Nothing is known about Herobrine's past, however according to the legend he was once a former miner who mysteriously died due to unknown reasons, they say that after he died he rose from the dead to torment Minecraft players for all eternity, he soon gained trust of the hostile mobs and became an overlord for The Nether and The End.


Herobrine is normally portrayed as a serial killer in most Minecraft machinimas/videos, he is actually a sadistic, cruel and manipulative entity hell bent on vengeance against the Minecraft world. Herobrine is omnipotent and murderous, thought he does not show any hostility towards mobs.


  • He's somewhere near 24 to 30 years old
  • It is unknown if he is real or not, or if he even has a creator.
  • After being asked about Herobrine's existence, Notch replied saying that Herobrine would soon be in the game however, when he was asked again, he said he wasn't for unknown reasons, though it is possible that Herobrine will be added in the near future due to his popularity
  • His catchphrases are "Only God can help you now", "Stop." and "Wake Up".


Theme Song: It's Herobrine - BlahBlahBlahGAMING

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