Liu Woods or Homicidal Liu was a normal brother. That is until his younger brother, Jeff, became Jeff the Killer that fateful night. Follow his journey through loss, and a new personality.

Liu wears a long brown jacket, green sweater under it, black pants, a black/gray scarf, and converse. He also has stitches on his face. His weapon is a kitchen knife.


Before turning into Homicidal, he was a bright spirit, caring kid, and always there for Jeff. But ever since the incident, he's been selfish, rude, and some days sadder. He has also developed a double personality, Sully. He now battles his normal self and his psychotic self.


When Jeff killed one of the bullies, Liu took the blame and went to juvie. When he got back, he later founds out that the rest of the bullies took care of him by burning him. Later that night, Jeff took his family's life away, including Liu. But what Jeff doesn't know that Liu survived the attack, and was rushed to the hospital. There, he was stitched up and formed another personality. He, later on, became a creepypasta and met his older brother once again.


  • About 24 years old
  • Brother of Jeff the Killer
  • Has Bipolar and MPD disorder
  • His other personality is name Sully
  • Creator is Nicole Machai
  • Creator's First Name is unknown


Theme song: Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy

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