Brian Thomas is a young man who has an alter-ego named Hoodie. He hates Alex for killing everyone, and he dislikes Tim because he brought the Slender Sickness to everyone.

Brian wears a yellow hoodie, a mask, jeans and converse. His weapon is a gun.


Brian is a man with split personality disorder. He is a proxy and he doesn't have the Slender Sickness. He's also not very mentally stable, so he doesn't act sensibly. As totheark, he reveals Tim's lies to Jay while taunting him. He appears in the webcomic I Eat Pasta For Breakfast as mostly calm, with only a few sprouts of anger.


Hoodie is first seen in Entry #39, spying on Jay while Jay is sleeping on his car.

Hoodie can kill ticci toby,jeff,but he loves masky in a brotherly way

In entry #42, he sits near a tree when Alex gets out of the car.

In entry #45, he tries to subdue Alex while Masky tries to kill him with a rock. The Operator then goes to the woods to defend Alex, and Masky and Hoody flee.

In entry #58, when Tim and Jay explore the building next to the hospital, Hoodie shows up and strolls by. Tim doesn't recognize him, but Jay follows him. He's led to a pump house, however he can't follow him because the passage is dark and he didn't bring a flashlight.

In entry #60, Jay goes back to the hospital, and he finds the room that Hoodie exited when he chased him. Written in the walls is "He is a LIAR." and "Follow Me." Jay thinks he means he should follow him to the maintenance tunnels. When Jay enters the maintenance tunnels, he stumbles across medical documents with a drawing of Hoodie's mask in the back, and photos of Tim and Jay arguing, aimed at Timothy. He takes the documents, as well as a small doll he found, and flees from the Operator.

In entry #83, Tim attacks Hoodie from a windowsill, where Hoodie falls off and dies.

Facts: Edit

  • The nickname Hoodie was fan-made, since the character was originally just adressed as "the hooded figure".
  • He's in his late twenties.Even though he is dead
  • He was created by Marble Hornets, as well as the character Brian (Hoodie's name).
  • For more in-depth information of Hoodie, you can look over the wiki article here.

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