Jane the Killer (also known as Jane Everlasting, Jane Arkensaw and Jane Richardson) was an innocent girl that everyone knew. That is until Jeff the Killer killed her family, except her. Follow her story through loss, murder, and revenge.

Jane shows some skin, which kinda bothers her since there are a lot of boys in the family. She sometimes wears a black dress, sometimes leggings, and high heels or boots (she also sometimes wears a white hoodie like Jeff does). Her weapon is a kitchen knife.


Before the murder, she was a popular, kind, social girl. After the murder, she was devastated about her family and gained a burning hatred for Jeff, which made her swear to get revenge for her family, by killing the Killer.


After the murder of her family, Jane knew that Jeff the Killer did the killing. Ever since that, some group of Agents decides to bring her to a Laboratory and injected her some liquid hate, which causes Jane to hate a lot of things. With that, the liquid help her get enough strength to go and find Jeff to finally end him, for good. 


  • Jane is 21 years old.
  • She only wants to kill Jeff the Killer and all the boys.
  • Doesn't have a crush.
  • Her catchphrase is "Don't go to sleep."
  • Her creator is Yuki.
  • It's speculated that Jane does know of Nina the Killer and possibly considers her an enemy.


Theme song: Fight Song - Rachel Platten

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