I will sentence you.
~ Judge Angels' catchphrase.

Dina Angela Clark or Judge Angels who was never the normal child like her parent's wanted. Follow her story through being hated, different, and being a psychopath.

Judge Angels wears a white dress, boots, white leggings that have straps on the top, and some belts on her sleeves. Her weapon is her Angel Sword.


Due to the fact that she never been outside for once, Dina doesn't really know how to be normal. The only thing that she knows is care and shyness. After her mother's murder, she ended up having bipolar disorder and being violent, thanks to her dad. After meeting The Nurse Ann, she started being less friendly and more aggressive, but thanks to the meeting of Bloody Painter, she started having feelings of love and kindness, but still struggles with her bipolar disorder and other things. 


Ever since Dina was born, her father never loved her. Why? Because she looked nothing like her parents, and she had black eyes. Ever since he decided to keep her in the house.

It's been 15 years and Dina wanted to go outside like the others. Her dad beats her up, and she was sent to her room. Her mom tries to cheer her up, but her dad was angry she was caring for Dina, and so Dina and her mom decided at Christmas eve, they will secretly run away.

It is Christmas eve, and Dina's mom and dad were talking about her and Dina running away. He didn't agree with her and beat her up to death. Dina saw this and picked up a sword from her father's study. Her father caught her and prohibited her from leaving, only for Dina to kill him, pronouncing him "Guilty". She burned her house, and news reporters reported that Dina, now called "Judge Angel" was seen at the burned house...with wings.



Theme Song: Forsaken - Within Temptation