Dina Angela Clark or Judge Angels who was never the normal child like her parent's wanted. Follow her story through being hated, different, and being a psychopath.

Judge wears a long dress, boots, white leggings that have straps on the top, and some belts on her sleeves. Her weapon is her Angel Sword.


Due to the fact that she never been outside for once, Dina doesn't really know how to be normal. The only thing that she knows is care and shyness. After her mother's murder, she ended up having bipolar disorder and being violent, thanks to her dad. After meeting The Nurse Ann, she started being less friendly and more aggressive, but thanks to the meeting of Bloody Painter, she started having feelings of love and kindness, but still struggles with her bipolar disorder and other things. 


Ever since her mother gave birth to her, her father hated her. Why? She didn't have one of her parent's hair color, skin, and her eyes are just black. Her father decided if it's best to let no one who and what happen to her.

Years past and Dina is 13 years old. She never had friends (except her mom), been to the outside world, never went to school, and never had a good relationship with her father. One day, her mother went to buy stuff for home and Dina, but her father caught her and beat her. Dina tried to save her mother but was slapped by her father when she did.

It's now a month later, and Christmas was right around the corner. Dina and her mother have beaten again. It was at this time when Dina found the sword in her father's room. She told her mother about running away, and she agreed/disagreed with her since her dad is very powerful (he was a judge). Dina decided to take that risk and escape on Christmas Eve. It was 5:00 that night, and her mother got caught. Her father beat her to death, and Dina was next. Dina was only given some beats, but that made her pass out. When she awoke, she found out that Maisha (the maid?) came to beat her more since she hated her also. But this time, Dina went insane and killed her with the sword. Next, she killed her father as revenge for her mother.

After a had month passed from the murders, people started saying that an angel punished the family, saw an angel with wings, or that the judge of angels will punish people. They are referring to Dina Angels Clark or Judge Angels.


  • She's 15 years old
  • Her role is The Judges of Chaos
  • She's dating Bloody Painter
  • Her enemies are The Nurse Ann
  • Her creator is yaguyi (Minister)
  • She has bipolar disorder 
  • Her catchphrase is "I will sentence you..." 
  • She was born with black eyes


Theme Song: Forsaken - Within Temptation

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