Kagekao is a demon who haunts those who have abused their children in any way. Follow his journey of haunting people who are abusive

Kagekao wears a mask that has one side white and the other side is black. On the white side, it has a smiley face but cut in half and the color is black. The black side has the other side of the smiley face, but the color is white this time. He wears a black and white scarf, a black hoodie, black pants, and black/white shoes. His hands are actually claws that he uses on his victims.


He's actually a nice, caring demon, but he's only aggressive and violent with his victims.  


Kagekao which means "Shadow Face", in Japanese is a 21-year-old demon who is known to love wine. He haunts those who have abused children in any way. He shows them what could happen if they continue their abusive way.

Facts: Edit

  • LOVES wine.
  • GingaAkam Is His Owner.
  • Expert in Parkour
  • 19
  • 19 years old

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