Kate the Chaser (last name believed to be Milens or Hayes) was once a normal girl, who loved ghost hunting with her childhood friend CR.

During her late teens she began to lose her sanity as she was being stalked by the Slender Man, and began endlessly drawing him on pages and even the walls of her house until she became his new Proxy. Follow her story through seeing things, drawing, and getting tested on.

Kate wears a white sweater, jeans, and black boots. Her items are her mask, and she beats her victims to death.


When she was a normal girl, she wasn't much of a talker, but hunting for paranormal activities, she was a social, caring girl. After going insane, she started isolating herself from her family and friends. She couldn't get Slender Man out of her head, and that's when she ran away from home to let him take her from humanity.


Kate and her friend, CR, always loved to go "ghost hunting" in the woods. As they did, CR lost Kate and later heard her screaming. He made it to her house, and found her rocking back and forth in a chair, with a horrified face on. He tried to talk some sense into her, but it was no use.

When they got separated, Kate was getting chased by the Slender Man.

After a while, a tape was recorded, and it showed Kate drawing pictures of the Slender Man. People, even her family, got a little worried for her since the incident, so they took her to the psychiatric ward, and Kate tried to tell them that its true, but they didn't believe her. They started to test her, and after a couple of years, she was stable and ended up at her mom's house. Things were normal, until her mother died due to unknown reasons. Kate started to see the Slender Man again, and started to draw him more and more often. After a while, she was attacked by the Slender Man, who chased her into the woods where she was taken. Her friend Lauren heard her scream and went to investigate, but once she found her she was no longer Kate. Her new name, was Kate the Chaser.


  • Kate's nickname is The Chaser or The Hare.
  • She's 19 years old.
  • She was created by Blue Isle Studios, the creators of Slender: The Arrival.


Theme song: Dog Teeth- Nicole Dollanganger

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