(Rainbow) Laughing Jack or Laughing Jack was an imaginary friend to a little boy. That is until the boy forgot about him. Follow his story through being made, forgotten, and becoming a killer clown.

When Jack was an imagination, he was very colorful. But when he became forgotten, he went from colorful to being black and white. His weapons of choice are his claws and teeth, well suited for mutilation of the sloppiest sort. After disembowling his victims, he tends to restuff them, but with candy.


Before Jack became Jack, he was such a colorful, kind, happy man. But after the young boy went to boarding school and forgot about him, he turns into a black/white, mad, creepy clown. He then became an insane killer clown after meeting the boy once more.


A young boy named Isaac created a rainbow clown named, Laughing Jack. He and Isaac were the best of friends, until Isaac ended up going to boarding school, and forgot about his imaginary friend. After a couple of years, Isaac returns back to his home, and Laughing Jack realizes Isaac turned into a serial killer, which made Laughing Jack want to become one. He became a killer clown after killing some people but ended up killing Isaac since he forgot him for a couple of years.


  • Since he's imaginary, he's ageless
  • His creator is SnuffBomb
  • His catchphrase is "Do you want some candy, kiddo?"
  • His famous nickname is LJ


Theme Song: Pop goes the weasel

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