Lazari Natalie Swann is a young girl who isn't a human. Made by the Demon lord Zalgo, this demon child is a smart, fast, bitter girl who's scared of herself.

Before Lazari skips 4 years of her age and turned 12, she was 8 and wore a pink dress, with long brown hair, with a bow at the end. She carried a bear stuffed animal named Gums when she became a Creepypasta. When she became 12 years old, she wore a red shirt, leggings, a skirt, and tennis shoes. Her hair was put up in a bun.

When she's a demon, her hands are bigger and there are spikes on them. Her red hair is gone, and she has horns coming out of her head. Her feet become bigger, But there are no spikes on them.


As an 8-year-old, Lazari had kind and cheerful, if overly clingy. She enjoyed doing stereotypical childish things like tea parties and playing outside. Now as a 12-year-old Lazari has become more salty and bitter though still retaining her childish personality. She is rather rambunctious and will attach herself to people to feel comfort. She also fears being left alone prior to her mother's torment, she also fears being called a 'monster'. That is a trigger word that will send her into a panicked state.


When her mom believed that cutting her daughter will make her go back to being a normal girl again, Lazari had enough of being called a monster, she killed her mom. She was spotted by the slender man. He took and raised her there as if she was his daughter.

(You can learn more about her adventure in "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast" creepypasta comic)


  • She has a crush on Eyeless Jack, but he doesn't like her back
  • Lulu is an older sister figure to her.
  • Her biological father is Zalgo.
  • She can only see shades of red, she has no perception of hue other than that.
  • Her story is I Eat Pasta For Breakfast comic by Chibi Works.
  • In the comic she starts out as 8 years old before a supernatural growth spurt causes her to skip ages 9-11 and


Música-temfa: Ba

d End noite - Vocaloid

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