Gold or Lost Silver was once a normal Pokemon Trainer but was forgotten by the Dimension. Follow his story through being forgotten.

Lost wears a sweater, black shorts, and a hat that's put on backward. In the picture, it shows his arm, but really he has no arms or legs. His eyes are just like Ben Drowned. His weapon is ripping people apart.


Before he was forgotten, he was used a lot in the battles. After being lost and forgotten, he was sad and angry about what he is now. To this day, he's still the way he is, limbless and angry


There isn't much of a story here, it's just that he was forgotten in a temple in the Pokemon Dimension.


  • He's 14 years old
  • Likes to be alone
  • Catchphrase is "I'm Dead."
  • He's never happy
  • No name of the creator


Theme Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

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