”Do you love me?”

~Lovesick Lynn’s catchphrase

Lynn Clark Mulligun was a girl who had Tourettes Syndrome and a very rare disorder it caused Lynn to not feel emotions as strong as a “normal person” would. After her brother commited Suicide, she felt the emotion sadness, and was scarred for life after seeing her brothers copse. Later on, she met her brothers “friend”, Simon, and later fell in love with him. He then betrayed her. Follow her story of being betrayed, then losing her sanity.


Lynn is described as a troublesome girl, she doesn’t fully understand how emotions work, and she can usually be described as a rude, sassy, clumsy, or broken girl. Before when she didn’t feel emotion, she wouldn’t react to anything. Not even if someone shot her, she would feel it, but not give a reaction. Now that she has been captured and taken by the Slenderman, she now is usually very rude, and likes to push peoples buttons until they snap. Lynn can usually react a different and weird way from to what other people would react.


She wears her blonde hair in a loose ponytail, she has bright green eyes, and a few scars on her face. She usually wears her hoodie over her head to protect her identity. She wears a blue jacket with black jeans under it. She wears dirty brown boots.


Linda Clark Mulligun was a girl who's mother cheated on her own husband, and never met her biological father so she never had a dad. Her mother only cared about Linda's biological father, who was in another country and died from a sickness, when Linda's mother heard about her "boyfriends" death, she hated Linda and her brother because of how much they reminded her of her boyfriend dying, and hated that she was alone with only the two of them. Linda started showing signs of Tourettes when she was seven, and when her mother took her to the hospital, she was confirmed to have Tourettes Syndrome but also they noticed Linda never showed any reaction to them or anything around her. They decided to try to hurt Linda, such by poking her and trying to scare her, but it never worked. Later then, Linda was confirmed to be diagnosed with a very rare disorder called E.I.D, (Emotion Incapability Disorder) that caused her to never give a reaction to pain or anything someone says. But the doctor said she would hopefully be able to feel emotions when she was an adult. Linda's mother only became worried about her daughter, and would be very protective of Linda and not show any affection at the same time. When Linda went into school, nobody really paid attention to her, so she never really became that social but she did notice how she was different from the others. Linda would spend time outside usually playing in the mud, or building houses with sticks. Linda was didn't want to go into the woods, since she remembered that a tall figure of a man was next to a tree, and she would keep away from it. Linda noticed how cruel the kids were to Linda's older brother, Matthew. Linda looked up to Matthew as a role model, she liked watching what Matthew did all the time. When Linda became 10 years old, Matthew would bring a friend called Simon over. Simon would be very friendly to Linda, and Linda soon became interested in him, and she noticed this feeling. Linda read books about love, but never really felt it. She soon had developed a crush on Simon, and started stalking him, and watching him sleep. Even though Linda was pleased that she could finally feel love, she saw something that will she will never forget. Matthew commited suicide by hanging himself in the bathroom one night, and thats when Linda shed a tear for the first time and broke out crying. When her mother saw her first son dead, she blamed it on Linda, and made Linda feel worse. Linda stopped stalking Simon for 2 years, and became more depressed. But she still thought about him all the time. When she was 13, Simon came to her house to check on her. Although Linda was suspicious of why he didn't come back earlier, she was happy to see him. She became even more obsessed with him, when he hugged her and actually comforted her for her lost. She was surprised that someone would actually be worried about her. When she was 15, her mother got into debt, Linda didn't know what to do. She became a street fighter, she went to fight people for money. One night, she actually killed someone for the first time. She didn't understand that killing was really bad, she thought of it as a punishment or a habit. One nights, she finally confessed to Simon that she liked him, Simon accepted her confession and Linda was really happy. But, soon that emotion faded into jealousy when she kept seeing Simon with another girl called, Mariah. She fully snapped when she saw Simon and Mariah make out in a hotel. She soon gone crazy, and screamed at Simon that he cheated on her. It didn't help that Linda got sick with the so called "Slender Sickness", and it was driving her mad being watched by the tall faceless man outside her window. Simon then broke Linda's heart when he told her he used her, and that he didn't love her. And that he was the reason, Matthew drove himself to suicide. Linda felt so rejected, she wanted to feel love more than anything in the world, that she kidnapped Simon and kept him in a cage. She also killed Mariah in front of him and torture him and Mariah for many hours, she finally killed Simon by kissing him on the mouth then stabbing him in the chest repeatedly to death. She tried to kill her own mother, but couldn't bring herself to do it. She would target mostly males and see if she would actually fall in love with them by stalking them and leaving creepy admirer notes. She didn't understand that someone couldn't randomly fall in love with her. She would kill them once she got bored, and got angry that none of them showed affection but only fear to her. The sickness was driving her more and more insane that she couldn't get up from her bed sometimes. She also stole money from peoples houses, and usually bought food and weapons with it since she had to move out and stay at a cabin in the deep woods due to her killings that she couldn't hide if she stayed at her old home. Soon, she got kidnapped by the Slenderman and was forced to work for him as a mindless slave.