Go Away, or else.
~ Taylor's Catchphrase

Murderous Taylor was normal, until everything changed. Follow her story from being normal, being adopted by Zalgo, to finally going insane.


Taylor has a black and red cap, a black mask, a black hoodie with a red T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and tall boots. She has brown hair, black lipstick, and black-red eyes due to Zalgo transforming her.


Before becoming insane, Taylor was a good girl who never got in trouble. After her parent's death, She became depressed and anti-social. After becoming insane, she became ruthless and cold, but thanks to her meeting Masky, she started having feelings of joy and compassion, but struggle with her mental disorders.


Taylor was a normal high schooler, who had all A's on her subjects. One day, as she was going home, she met Zalgo, but in human form. He made her a deal:he will always be there when Taylor gets bullied. She agreed, but this will change her life forever.

One day, as she was going to the park with her parents, Nina appeared, and Taylor just watched helplessly as her mother was killed while her father ran away. Fearing she was going be next, she just ran, until her neighbor found her. Deciding to take her in, he revealed to be the same man she met. Angry at Zalgo for not stopping Nina, she declined at first, but accepted later on when Nina was chasing her.

Years passed, and Taylor had severe mental disorders from the night her parents were killed. But one day, Zalgo told her the truth about her father: he was a well known criminal who drugged people for riches, but changed his ways when Zalgo appeared. Taylor, enraged that her father lied to her all these years, took a knife, and found her father in Caden's Casino. Taylor revealed herself to her father, while he tried to deny his crimes. But Taylor saw through that lie and, angry he lied to her all these years, killed him with the knife.

1 year later, Zalgo took her to Slenderman, where she became his loyal proxy for all eternity.


  • She is 19 years old
  • She has a huge crush on Masky, even though he isn't a proxy.
  • She dislikes Nina, Jeff, Jane, Hoodie, and Ann
  • She likes Clockwork, Ticci-Toby, Caterina/Cat, Lulu, and Masky
  • Her arch-enemy is EggSalad.Exe
  • Her favorite color is red
  • Her Creator is Yoshi-Exploshie
  • Her weapons are a dark enchanted kitchen knife, and a revolver


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