Murderous Taylor was never normal she always felt like she was going insane              

Due to the slender sickness had no friends follow her story through emptyness pain and Insanity

Taylor has pink hair and wears a grey frilly choker and a black tank top with shorts and boots. Her wepons are two guns and sometimes a knife


Taylor before the slender sickness was very young before the sickness (only 5) but after she became empty yet anxious and constantly depressed and doing self harm


She was going slowly insane until the Slender Man Made her a proxy. Dispite this she is rebelious and plans to escape but her feelings for Masky stop her because she doesent want to be without him


  • She is 15 - 17 years old
  • she is bisexual
  • She is in a relationship with Masky
  • her catchphrase is "go away!"
  • Her creator is Yoshi-Exploshie


Theme song: Ready for it? by Taylor Swifft

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