Nina the Killer or
Nina the killer by pichupichupower-d83rj50

Nina the Killer

Nina Hopkins was once a normal insane fan girl of Jeff the Killer but turned into an insane killer after one horrible day at school. Her creator is Alegotica12. Follower her story through loss and insanity.

Nina wears a purple sweater, with a red skirt, a red bow, black and red socks, and converse for shoes. She has a pink piece of hair that she colored. She can't help herself falling in love with Jeff the Killer. She kills with a kitchen knife, and stabs her victims to death.


Before losing her best friends, she was a happy, sweet, social girl. When the 2 girls died, she became quiet and less social due to the bullying. After finding out who's Jeff the Killer, she became insane and isolating herself. That changes after going to an Asylum. She then started talking about some things, like a wall and going even more insane. She finally broke out and met Jeff, but that wasn't pretty, though. To this day, she still a fan girl to Jeff.

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  • She's about 13 to 15 year old
  • Her Catchphrase is "Go to sleep my Prince"
  • Her Enemies are Slender man, and other Jeff fan girls
  • She likes blood, drugs, and killing
  • An somewhat underestimated Creepypasta
  • She commonly gets shipped with Eyeless Jack and Ticci Toby
  • is a mary sue from 2014 or something like my mary sue
  • It's much speculated that Nina knows about Jane the Killer and doesn't like her much



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