Others are people who are an evil or something else or a demon.

Here are the people who are in the categories:

  • Lazari (Humanoid Demon)
  • Dark Link (Evil Clone)
  • Zalgo (Demon)
  • Rainbow Factory Dash (Pony)
  • Stripes (Demon)
  • Rodger (Demon)
  • Enigma (Void Creature)
  • The Kraglyn (Void Creature)
  • Lost Silver (Pokemon Creepypasta)
  • Ally the Slender Doll (Demon/Nightmare)
  • Anger Issues (Mind Demon)
  • Phantomonom (illusionary nightmare)
  • Kagekao (Demon)
  • Sonic.EXE (Cosmic Entity)
  • Seed Eater (Unknown Humanoid Being)
  • NightShade (Demon)
  • The Trender Man (Creature/Meme)
  • Herobrine (Evil Ghost)
  • Entity 303 (Mutated Entity)
  • Null (Enigmatic Creature)
  • The Outsider (Demonic Spirit)
  • Lily (Evil Ghost Child)
  • Eyeless Demon (Demon (Somewhat))
  • Abstractor (Demon)
  • The Pyro Reaper (Human/Demon)

These are the people who are demons or they're something else:

  • Whiplash
  • Eeve
  • Tangled
  • Alex

and much more!