Phantomonom is a demonic computer virus generated from Zalgo's energies. Forced to kill, this monster is emotionless, and doesn't care for anyone but himself. He haunts the internet for anyone who believes the myth is fake.

Before Phantomonom became a Creepypasta, he was just a kid on the internet. Shean browsed the internet, and eventually found a creepypasta named Zalgo. Unbelieving, he edited a article and removed Zalgo after reporting him as "satanic".

Eventually, it was found that while the young boy was writing a letter to the CreepyPasta Foundation, he was murdered. Shean found himself lying on his desk, with a open wire around his arm, burning it slowly to a golden crisp, and spilled ink flowing down his body following the blood. Zalgo had struck back at him, and now he had one option left. Join Zalgo as his internet assassin for those who dont believe.

A few years later, he is freed from his his sentence as a assassin and Zalgo banishes his powers along with his memories. Eventually, he learns about what Zalgo forced him to do, and he swears vengeance against him. He soon regains his abilities, to of which the rest of the creepypastas helped him get.

Personality Edit

Remaining stoic through every challenge, Phantomonom is emotionless, yet sometimes clumsy, causing his death. He also doesn't believe much without supported evidence, or seeing something in person. When he is around Lazari, he tends to her needs and makes sure she is always safe.

Story: Edit

When he discarded the story of Zalgo, he was killed. In return for his life, he was turned into a heartless, lifeless, killing machine.

His mouth leaked out a short, dark whisper. "Shhh.... All Hope.... Is Lost."

(You can learn more about him through Jason Macroy on Google, or Daniel Macroy on Google.)

Facts Edit

  • He likes Ally The Slender Doll.
  • Many people disbelieve him.
  • He is a monster made by Zalgo.
  • His main line is "All Hope Is Lost"
  • Killed off hundreds who defy Zalgo
  • He is Lazari's protector.

Theme: Edit

Ghost Assassin (Nightcore)

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