Heather Marshall or Rouge is a Proxy of the Slender Man. Her creator is Lazy Cat Lady and is originating from the creepy pasta Don't look up.

Rouge wears a brown sweatshirt, wears gray pants, had a mask, brown gloves, and black boots. Her weapons are the claws on her gloves, so she can climb on trees, and attack intruders. She's very obeying to her orders. You may think she's rude, but she's actually caring to the other Proxies, like Ticci Toby.

Story: \

After a car crash that lost her husband and a miscarriage, Heather Marshall slowly ended up losing her humanity after everything that happened in her life. She ran away from home for several years when she found out that the doctors were gonna put her in an Asylum after they found out that she's cutting herself for fun. Or so they thought... Rouge lost interest in people, became antisocial, and became Slender Man's loyal proxy.


  • Rouge isn't mean at all. She has a caring personality since half of the creepypasta are children, she makes them feel like she's the mother of them.
  • She's about 20-25 years old.
  • Very serious sometimes.
  • Likes to be the Mom of the creepypasta children.


Theme Song: Princess Luna - Children of the Night