Sally Maryam Williams or just Sally , was once a happy girl, until her uncle raped and murdered her. Now, she became a famous creepypasta; Her creator is Kiki-Hyuga. Unravel her story as a ghost, being raped, and murdered.

Sally wears a pink dress, covered in dirt, scratches, and blood. She has long brown hair, with blood pouring down her face. She always carries a teddy bear, since its a gift from her parents.


Once a loving uncle, uncle Johnny raped little Sally Williams and told her not to tell anyone about it, but she did anyway. Johnny was very furious at Sally, that he planned to punish her. So, he brought Sally to an abandoned park, with her parents' permission, and whipped her with his belt several times. After crying for help, Sally was killed by a rock that was smashed on her head by him. Uncle Johnny got away with the murder:

But Sally wanted revenge.

She became a ghost and chased her uncle down. When she found him, she told him its now her turn to play with him, which involved broken bones, a lot of blood, and death. Later, it's never confirmed if sally was ever found by what we call 'the slender man'


  • She was only 8 years old when she was killed, making her one of the youngest Creepypasta characters.
  • Her catchphrase is "Play with Me".
  • She's a ghost.
  • Always carries her Teddy Bear, Mr. D, due to her attachment with him.
  • She's in the comic "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast" which was made by tobi.


Theme song: Secret - The Pierces

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