Nikolet Melark, she wasn't always that bad. She just wanted to help people. Follow her journey through love, loss and suffering without knowing.

Nik always wears a jean jacket over a white tank top, and apple bottom shorts with red converse. Her weapon is poision.

Personality Edit

Before she died, she was very protective over her siblings, passionate about her work, just happy to be alive. However, after she got her kidney's eaten, she became a pissed off girl who only wanted everyone to die.

Story Edit

It was just a normal Saturday afternoon. The 'popular' crowd, as these girls were called, were walking around Domenic Massari Park, just having a fun blast. That was until, a rather attractive boy decided to come over and talk to them.

Her friend, Kyndyll, was twirling her hair in her hands and laughed out of no where. Her other friend, Lauren, was feeling his muscles. While that was going on in front of her, Nikolet was texting her boyfriend, Andrew, about how much she loves him, he replied with a 'Luv ya too.'

The man, who was enjoying the attention brought onto him from these ladies, he was however, focused on the female who wasn't paying attention to him. He doesn't know why, but he was focused on the female who wasn't paying him any attention. He was intrigued. He would for sure think that this new meat suit would have girls falling every which way. But not her.

A few hours passed, and the girls walk their respectful ways to their houses. Nik was smiling as she was skipping her marry way to her apartment. When she passed Andrew's apartment, she heard noises, like screaming. She immediately got panicked. She ran in with the key she had and stopped in her tracks. Their was Andrew, her boyfriend for a year, underneath Kyndyll. She turned back, crying. She ran straight to her house, throwing and destroying everything in front of her. She went to bed, continuing to cry, that was until she heard a voice.

She grabbed her phone and went to in inspect the sound. When she turned the corner, she heard a voice that sounded like her sister. She eased and relaxed, that was until, she heard what her sister said "We cant wake her up, she'll get suspicious." Nik froze and listened carefully.

She stayed their for almost an hour, until she heard Florean scream. She froze in her place. "Florean!" She heard Yearth yell and run towards her. She start shaking, hyperventilation, until she heard a crunching sound. She looked at the commotion down the hall and was mortified by the sight.

A man in a blue mask with some black goop dripping from the eyesockets, he was eating a kidney. He was eating a freaking kidney! In the middle of her panic, she dropped a vase in he process of her escape. She screamed and ran. Eyeless Jack smirked at her antics and went after her.

She stopped in her tracks, looking up at the masked man, screaming. Eyeless Jack smirked and held his scalpel to her neck, "Lets see what you were thinking when you met me."

"3 murders at the Miracles Family Apartment. The siblings Florean, Yearth, and Nikolet Melark have all passed with their organs missing. Please be cautious of your surroundings."

Facts Edit

  • She died at 16
  • Her catchphrase is "It'll take seven minutes to send you to hell"
  • She kills her victims with a kiss of poision

Theme Edit

iRobot-Jon Bellion

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