Smile Dog or Smile wasn't a normal husky in the beginning. He was born with a smile on his face, and due to that, his owners and his parents left him to die. He got very angry, and started using the internet to find them and kill them. Follow his journey through being abandoned, using the internet, and revenge.

Before he was a killer, his fur was black and white, like a husky. After he killed them, their blood got stuck on his fur, mostly on the white side. His eye's would glow before he attacks. His weapon is his teeth and the internet.


There's isn't a story about him, but I found one from another user. They say that his story is after learning how to use the internet, he looks for his parents and his owners. When he did find them, he killed his 'parents first, then his owners. He kept on using the internet for murder, until he received an unknown e-mail. He opened it and was told to go to the woods. He did, and later met a person named''' Slender Man, and later became a creepypasta.


  • He's about 2 years old
  • His catchphrase is "Spread the Word!"
  • Even though he's everyone's pet, Jeff the Killer is mostly the winner
  • No one knows who his creator is.


Theme Song: Lion - Hollywood Undead

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