Sophia uses old and rusty fork. She also uses an small, old and rusty knife ( She uses her fork more then her knife, her knife is only a backup plan)


Sophia is good friends with Laughing Jack, as he found her in the woods. He had originally thought she was a alive little girl, when he found out, he took her took her to the mansion. Another friend of hers is Sally, As Sophia is somewhat childish and loves kids, so she will play dress up with her and gladly let Sally do her hair. Ticci-Toby is another good friend, as they people together, and play pranks on the other creepy-pastas. Her second last friend is Jane the Killer, as they both show a hate/rivalry for Jeff the Killer, and also they get along, and are somewhat friendly to each other. and make up plans to somehow hurt Jeff. Her last friend is Bloody Painter, even though, Bloody Painter may not think of  Sophia as a friend, Sophia thinks of him as a friend. It might of been because he had looked lonely, But he had drawn Sophia in.


Jeff the Killer is one of Sophias rivals, although, she hates him as well. These two had a bad relationship with each other to start off with, one example of this is, when she first came to the mansion, Jeff had ran at her with his knife, this happened a year after she had moved into the mansion, she was only 10 years old when this happened. He has done a lot of other things as well. At one point they got into a fight when she was 12, it ended up with a fork in Jeff's arm, and a knife in Sophias leg. They have had other fights as well. The next is Sonic.exe, Sonic has scared Sophia  for as long as she could remember. and like, Jeff, if these two are around each other, the air will go really thick. They have also gotten in some fights before. The last is Slenderman, Although it isn't really known with these with these two, and they keep a pretty good relationship between the two, for angel there is a rivalry between these two, on Sophias side. When Sophia was little, Slender of course scared her and they had gotten into some arguments. 


Sophia likes to torture her victims, such as gouging out their eyeballs and feeding it to their victims. If she had a male victim she would use sharp scissors to cut off their balls and force feed it to them. She often tortures them do much that the child looses their sanity. Her liking of killing her victims is possessing them, and forcing themselves to commit suicide. But apart from that, when not going killing, Sophia often  likes to sit in her room and read murder mysteries and other things like that.


The girl dislikes rainy days and thunder, as it is a reminder of the day she died, and thinks her sister is coming back to try and kill her again. She also doesn't like the other Creepypastas that much, but forces herself to play with Sally and other things like that.


Sophia is the emotionless type, until blood and guts come into the photo. She can also be quite cocky to some people. Her lack of sympathy makes it quiet hard to keep friendships. She also fakes caring for Sally as she somehow has managed to hit her soft spot. although she is like this, she often wonders how she would be like now, she didn't get killed.​​​​


As a child,Sophia actually  came from a good home, her mother, Sophie Ave Jackson, and her father, Jacob Lee Jackson, loved her very much, and always made sure their ten year old was as happy as she could be. In 2003 Sophia's little sister, Elly was born. Sophia was two years old when she was born. throughout Sophia's life, she noticed Elly was getting jealous of the attention she was getting. Even though their parents tried their best to give them the same love, too Elly, it wasn't enough. And at ten years old she started to plot her older sisters death, so she could get the all of the attention.  In 2013, the fifth of April, on a rainy and thundery day, Sophia and Elly were walking to school. since the school was small to fit the primary school and highschool in together, which made it easy for the two girls could walk together. ​​​It was a slightly different day Sophia had died, her sister was strangely quiet and didn't answer any of her worried questions she was asked. Then, the small girl was pushed roughly in front of a moving car as Sophia had turned to Elly to talk to her, the last thing she saw was a smile before she heard her last words 'Bye, Bye, Sissy..'. Her face got gashes on it from cars crashing and glass ripping at her face. Sophia was thirteen years old when she died. The ambulance was called, but Sophia was pronounced dead at the scene.  As an urban legend, it is said her revengeful ghost is still around, killing and torturing children, she has left her trade mark aka her initials; S.J. ​Saying "Bye, worthless brat."


  • She's short for her age.
  • She wears glasses
  • She's very clumsy
  • She has nightmares
  • You have to force her to wear glasses.
  • She has a habit of not cleaning her room-
  • She has her low-functioning  days.
  • She is about a c-cup
  • The way she looks slightly changes, but not much. Like Sally she is a ghost, so she can change what she looks like.​​​

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