Splendorman is the oldest brother of the infamous being, The Slenderman. Like his younger brother, he also wants to get rid of his ancestor's name and be accepted. Follow his journey through being accepted, lost power, and joy.


Splendorman and Slenderman wants to get rid of their ancestor's name and be accepted to the whole world. Only Slenderman succeed, but Splendorman ended up losing his power when he told his father. Even though he lost his powers, he decide to spread joy and happiness without powers.


  • When he gets mad, his powers will return, but only when he's mad.
  • Only Slenderman and Splendorman wants to get rid of their anccestor's name.
  • He's about 120+ years old
  • He's also 6 feet tall!
  • Has a niece


Theme song: Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) - Andy Grammer

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