Maria Richardson or Stripes was once a human but killed her father due to the abusement he gave her. Follow her journey through being abused, rage, and murder.

Stripes wears a long, striped dress, some gray pants underneath, and some goggles, and a mask included. She also has horns, claws on her hand and feet. Her weapon is her claws, which was given to her by Zalgo.


Maria's mother left her and her dad ever since she gave birth to Maria. Due to that, he lost himself to smoking and drinking. He will always tell her to clean the dishes, make food, clean the house, etc. When she does these chores, he will beat her for her prize.

One day, Maria woke up from her dad coming into her room. She knew that he was smoking and drinking since the smell of it came to her nostrils. Quickly, she got out of the bed and asked if he needed anything. Instead, he gave her a slap that made her fall to the ground. While she was on the floor, a voice came into her head and said:

"Child, your new life is just beginning. Wake up."

Maria snapped back to the real life, and realize that blood was coming out of the slap that dad gave her. She started having anger in her, and saw that her dad can see the anger in her, and ran down the stairs. She chased after him, and when they reached the kitchen, she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him. When she finished stabbing him, she grabbed her knife and a hoodie, and dash out of the house. While running, static went inside her ear, and she started feeling ill and collapsed on the ground. She looked up and saw a dark figure above her. She passed out after looking at the figure. After waking up, she realized that she works for Zalgo, and became a demon. Her job is to find the little demon, call Lazarus, or Lazari From The Comic, I Eat Pasta For Breakfast.


  • She's about 18 or 19 years old
  • She's feature in the comic I Eat Pasta For Breakfast
  • People believe that she kinda likes Rodger
  • Doesn't like it when someone takes off her mask
  • She once dated Alex and had the worst breakup you could imagine
  • She's the older sister of the demon Lazari
  • She's not as evil as people say she is


Theme song: Run Devil Run - Ke$ha

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