Enjoy the show.
~ The Outsider's catchphrase

Kian Murphy used to be a young magician who performed to entertain others. After an unfortunately bad peformance, he was murdered. This lead him to becoming a being known as The Outsider, a spirit who can posses people & has gained other magical powers.


Kian has gray skin & hair, giving him the appearance of being in grayscale. He has black eye with red iris'. His face is covered in scars & on the right side of his face he has an open cut. He wears a suit & tie which ties into his outfit theme of being a magician. Kian has also been shown to grow bat-like wings which allow him to fly.

Before becoming The Outsider, Kian had light skin, brown hair (which is less messy than currently) and blue eyes. He still wore the same suit though, but he didn't have any cuts or scars on his body.


Kian performed as a magician, he performed around the US to entertain others. However, after a performance didn't go so well one of his audience members went backstage & killed him. Before he died, Kian cast a spell to eject his soul from his body, becoming a spirit & escaping death. 

Shorty after his death, Kian possesed a person & was apprehended by a military research program called Operation Outsider, where he was contained & experimented on. After weeks with no research being concluded, they attempted to execute Kian. 

This lead to Kian's attempt to break out, which would of been successful had the base not exploded. This caused his body to be destroyed. The head scientists of the operation named the being which was once Kian: "The Outsider" after the project that reseached him. Months after the project shutdown, & many of the head scientists went missing, the last head scientist; Noah Ross, was possesed by The Outsider.

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Kian pre-Outsider


  • Creator is DuckWaffleYT
  • Was roughly 19 when he died
  • Is friends with Nightmare Magician & Magic Fear
  • Is not currently shipped with anyone
  • His catchphrase is "Enjoy the show."
  • His weapon is a Rapier.
  • He can fold his wings and hide them behind his back.
  • Please do not use without my (DuckWaffleYT's) permission


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