The Puppeteer is a puppet master that kills people so they can be his "puppets". Follow his journey through killing an innocent man.

The Puppeteer wears a black coat, a black jacket and pants, black gloves, and a gray beanie hat. His eyes and mouth are yellow. His weapons are the golden strings.

Personality: Edit

When he was human, he was a very withdrawn person and an introvert but he also had a very creative soul. He took good care of his four younger siblings when their parents were away. As a vengeful spirit, he is manipulative, charming and a smooth talker to his victims. He is also narcissistic, cruel, stubborn, and only does everything for his own gain.


(I couldn't find his original story, so here's one of him killing a guy.)

A man is in college, and he's in stress due to work and making friends. Sure, he had friends, but he let them. The only person he's friends with is a doll that he has from home. That was his friend for a while. He then started locking himself in the room and started talking to the doll. One night, after a long time of being in his room, he got up and went to get some air. He came back, but as he did, he saw someone standing on the stairway. He was calm for a minute but was in shock when the person talks to him. He quickly ran past him, and lock his door. That night, he couldn't sleep, and all of the sudden, his doll broke. He tried to fix the doll up, but it didn't work. He gave up after a while and went to sleep. 

But he didn't know that he was coming back.

A while later, the person came back, but the man didn't run or scream this time. He just let him in. The person started cutting him up, but the man didn't care. He was happy that he was doing this to him. He was tired of hiding and being alone. He was dead after the person cut him open. 

That person is named The Puppeteer.


  • Puppeteer is 20 years old
  • He has two puppet proxies: Emra and Zachary. He collected their souls in particular.
  • His catchphrase is "You're alone here, aren't you?"
  • Feeds on people's suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety
  • His mood depends on his eye color. Golden for usual, white for tired or sad and red for angry.
  • His creator is BleedingHeartworks.


Theme song: Golden Strings

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