The Slender Man is an alleged paranormal figure, which many people believe he been alive for centuries.

Slender Man is a male, with really long, slender arms and legs. He has black tentacles that come out of his back, which is about 4 to 8 long. He wears a black tux, reference to the Men in Black, and dress shoes. His face is faceless, pale, and a ghostly look.


Coming from generations of some monsters, the Slender Man isn't a monster. People believed he takes children and kills them, but the truth is, he cares for them. He hates being called as a monster, so he tries his best to erase his ancestor's name and be accepted by people of who he is. He only takes children from abuse parents and murders the abuse parents ONLY. With the help of others, he raises those children, with care and happiness.


  • Often depicted being 8-15 feet tall.
  • He's about 100+ years old.
  • Is the father figure of the kids and the Creepypasta kids.
  • He can be serious or funny sometimes.
  • Likes to spend time in the woods.
  • Has a daughter.


Theme song: The Slender Man song.

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