​The hook.Edit

This is based on a story my friend lilly told me when i was in first grade. THere was once a little girl named Jenny. She was having her 10th birthday party. She went off to get her last present from the closet. Her mom had hid it. She grabed it and went back to the living room. he screamed. Every one was dead. She sat alone on the floor and opend the box. she found a key with a note. It read "Open the door." A stange door was there in front of her. She unlocke d the door and walked in. It was a small room. With a chair up aganst the wall. A table in the midle of the room and a book shelf on the other wall. There was a simple windo the size of a piece of paper. Some one knocked on the windo. she hid by the book shelf. She peeked to see a man with brown hair and a hook for a hand. He smiled. She looked at her chest and there was the man's hook. In her chest. She look back and he was missing his hook.

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