The little killer

So this a story for the kid who killed blood oil's family, And yes he's a kid. So he has wolf ears pale skin and black eyes. He has some scars too. He's about 12. He's 3.4 feet tall. He uses a knife. NOW FOR THE STORY!!! So he was a normal kid well except the fact that he's really quiet all the time. Other kids would make fun of him. He would get bullied so bad he would try to kill himself. He went mad because of it. He snuck out one night and hunted the bullies killing each with his knife but he was not done yet. He killed his family. And still he was not done. But every time he killed he would always say "What a shame." HE eventraly met blood oil. Oh and by the way Blood oil dose not miss her family at all. So there friends no? I guess. Whatever. the end. His theme song is sarcasam by get scared.