The old orfanange (Sorry I cant spell)

There once were 2 friends who hated eatch other. They heard about an old burned orfanange and went to explore it. When they arrived Alice said "M-mabey w-w-we s-should leave..." Bob replied "Stop being such a wimp Alice. Alice said :I'M NOT A WIMP!" Bob simply said "What ever... Lets just go in." Bob tried to open the door. Alice said "Weell its locked so we cant get in. Heh heh." "Not so fast. i'll just cut the lock with my trusty knife." Bob said. Bob tried to cut the lock. He failed. "did you say trusty or rusty? " Asked Alice. "OH shut up. At least I don't have slit personalities! " Alice Said "HEY! I cant help it!" Out of anger Sarah (Alice's slip personality.) Broke the rusty old lock and slamed the door open. Alice said "After you." They walked in. "WOW!! IS THAT A MACHETY!!" Bob took it. The moment they did so a man in a green mask with black tears came running at them. But he disaperred right before he tuched them.

Chapter 2: the twins

they saw 2 little wins at the end of the hall. ( #Theshining ) "Hello" The twins said. Bob hid behind alice. Sarah said "Whos the wimp now? I mean your scared of to little girls! Hah!" "WHATEVER JUST DO SOMETHING!!" Bob yelled. The twins now stand infront of sarah and bob. Bob sceamed like a baby. The twins tilted there head. Bob said "Th-there staring at us!!" ... "Hello..." <3 THe twins said. "Oh hello." Said alice." "Who are you? "Were the twins!" The twins said. "Oh Well my names Alice. And the kid freaking out behind me is bob." Alice said "IM N-NOT FREAKING OUT!" Said Bob. "Yes u r." Said the twins. "Could you just leave?" Asked Bob. "Ok. /:" Said the twins.

Chapter 3: sarahs crush.

"Huh they left." Bob said in relief. Someone knew stands at the end of the hall. "HEY!" Shouted ???. "Whose there?!?" They said. Alice thought to her self That voice... I've heard that voice before. Is that... Alice looks down the hall. It is. J-Jonny? "Did some one say my name!?!" Jonny said. Sarah smiles. <3 Jonny walks over. "Oh hey sarah... " He said. " OH hello Jonny. <3" "Ummm Jonny what are you doning here? Wait! DI'NT YOU GO MISSING!?!" Bob said. "I kinda... how do I say this? Burned to death... I went in the fire to save someone but I couldn't get out in time. :( (Sarah's thinking: Well not like I needed a heart any way!) Sarah steps closer to Jonny.

DO what you want with the rest of the story for now...