The Trender Man is a mannequin. Follow his journey through being a meme and a spinoff of the Slender Man. The Trender Man wears a brown sweater or sweater vest, a white undershirt, and brown pants. He sometimes changes his clothes since he's a fashionista. He sometimes wears glasses


Trender has a diva attitude. People sometimes compare his as a drama queen. He's a very sweet man though, who likes to help people with their fashion sense or telling them the truth about their outfits. Trender Man sometimes asks Slender Man to something more fashionable.

Story: Edit

He was created when someone saw how a mannequin looked like Slender Man but in fashionable clothes instead of a suit. He put it online as a cousin of Slender Man.


  • Not a killer
  • He's a brother to the Slender Man
  • No one knows what his weapon, except his fashion sense
  • He's a meme
  • Creator hasn't been named
  • He hates crocs


Theme song: Fashionista - Jimmy James

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