Z'algatoth or Zalgo is a malevolent and mysterious entity of chaos and evil. He's also the lord of the demons, and father of Lazari and NightShade. Follow his journey through the rise of evil and chaos.

In his demon form, Zalgo has big wings that are black and red, horns, a lot of red designs on his body, and sharp claws. In human form, his hair will be black, but the clothes will look like his demon form. Zalgo has no eyes or even eye sockets. He has seven mouths, six of which speak different tongues. This, in turn, makes this fan art incorrect (although it was made with talent-touched hands)


Zalgo has lived for most of his years wanting everything done his way while being the lord of all demons. With the help of other demons, such as Stripes, they will one day rule everyone, including the Creepypastas.

But before that happened, he had a life that he never expected. He had fallen in love with a woman, and due to that, they had a child name Lazari, who later on became a creepypasta. But the woman that he used to love, doesn't love him anymore and left him. She was the last woman he had ever loved. But before her, he loved another woman named Sarah. She, later on, left him for another man, but she found out she was pregnant with Zalgo's child. She gave birth to a daughter, and name her Layla, but became a creepypasta later on under the name NightShade. Zalgo knew that his daughters were the half demon, and demanded to take them, but was too late. Lazari killed her mother and ran into the forest, and met Slender Man. Layla's mom let the neighbors have her but used Layla for slavery, and due to that, they moved somewhere else. 

He found out that they became creepypastas, and tried to get them back, but failed.


  • He has 3 daughters
  • He has 1 son
  • Lives on the other side of the border of the forest
  • People call him Lord Zalgo since he controls half of the demons
  • Focus on trying to take down the Creepypastas
  • His catchphrase is "You are pathetic and weak!"
  • There's no creator because he's a meme
  • He's in the comic "I Eat Pasta For Braskfast"


Theme song: Slayer - Raining Blood

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